With our trained friendly staffs, we also specialize in hosting Muslim travelers by planning their trips and arranging their tours to Bali. We understand the concern of Muslim travelers regarding halal food (حلال), praying facilities and all other aspects that fulfill our religious belief. We reserve prayer time and show you around mosques in Bali upon your request.

"As-salam alaykums"

Halal Bali Tour Packages that prepares private, family or group tours for Muslim customers to enjoy the country's breathtaking scenery - from its majestic mountain to its beautiful beaches of Bali. We will compliment your journey with deliciously prepared halal cuisines and delicacies. We know Halal Food is highly prioritized in our tour as it is essential for our religious belief and health. We have worked with few Muslim restaurants to serve halal Indonesian meals.

Our company's aim is to provide our Muslim travelers with a halal and comfortable tour in Bali. No worries about food or praying times and locations. We hope that you will be able to enjoy a pleasant travel with Halal Bali Tour Packages.

During the tour, we will arrange Mosques, Masjids, and Prayer Rooms. The services given from beginning to end of your holiday, we make sure your vacation which you’ve always dreaming to take every measure to ensure bliss. What you'll find here at our Halal Bali Tour Packages are the very best choices around because we carefully to select the foods, restaurants, accommodations and the tourist attractions.

Halal Bali Tour Packages