Munduk Waterfall

Munduk Waterfall

North Bali is famous for its diverse natural attractions of the place of interest for travelers who yearn for an open nature, including Munduk Waterfall located in the village of Munduk, such as a natural magnet that is always captivating, not to mention who love the outdoors adventure tourism, by doing trekking activities, in direct contact with nature, a place like this would have been the most beautiful place to visit.

Munduk waterfall lies on the altitude of about 800 meters above sea level is offering such a fresh mountain air and far out of pollution. Amongst a number of waterfalls in Bali, Munduk would offer you a chance to really enjoy its beauty as it is not being so commercial yet, no one would bother you with buying things as at most of the tourist sites on the island.. There are also hectares of clove, coffee plantations, and any other features that might lure travelers to stop to enjoy the stunning views there. In addition, you can breath the fresh air (free of air pollution). If you are able to visit Munduk, it will take you into a very different atmosphere, feeling like you are on the top of a mountain and when the sunset comes, you can see very exciting views and the sea-water shining in the distance.

By car from Denpasar to Munduk Waterfall, the distance is about 70 km, or about 2.5 hours drive to the location, to the north, across the region Bedugul, until the T-junction in a forest left to take the path towards Sharpening Gobleg and towards Seririt, until in the end you find a nameplate that contains “Munduk Waterfall”.

Need extra struggle to get to the location of the Munduk Waterfall. The car you drive does not necessarily usher attractions in Bali, after parking on the highway due to the unavailability of parking space, and it looks like it has not been managed optimally, you have to down a path of about 300 meters to the contours of the road riding and downhill to the waterfall. Park the vehicle in the parking lot to the left of the road. Then you only walk 500 meters to reach the front of the waterfall. When you bring your bike, you can still bring your bike to near the falls. You can park your bike near the ports of entry. You have to pay the entrance fee of Rp 5000.00 (adults) and Rp 2000.00 (children) in the post entrance near the waterfall.

Well this is the passionate towards the end of a challenging adventure, with coffee plantations across the population, a small pancoran with crystal clear water like nature with typical cool atmosphere, the atmosphere of unspoiled nature, far from human greed, you will be able to taste the freshness of this nature is a natural breath , because it is far from the noise and pollutants. Already there are signs to the location, so do not worry about losing direction, as it is only one way direction.

After walking about 20 meters, enjoy a variety of sensations that are served, came at the end of the journey, a waterfall with a height of 15 meters of water, in the midst of nature mountain valley harmonious blend harmoniously and provide interesting treats for travelers who yearn for a peaceful, releasing all weary mind, gusts of wind that drove the dew falls on my face us, such a welcome that makes us linger here. Splashing water and birdsong are widely available around the falls create an atmosphere of calm and peace, making us feel at home playing the water in Niagara Falls this Munduk Waterfall. Water content contained sulfur that are believed citizen also as a therapy to cure various skin diseases. Your visit to the waterfall Munduk is enough to color while on tour in the island of Gods.

Public Facilities

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