Bali Flyboard

Bali Flyboard Adventure

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We are pleased to offer you a great invention in the field of water and extreme activities called Bali Flyboard Adventure. This unique design was created in France, in 2012 and immediately gained a crazy popularity among all lovers of water activities all around the world include Bali.

Bali Flyboard or Flying board consists of a board, special boots rigidly attached to the board and a flexible hose connected to the water jet of the jet ski through which a powerful water spray comes and sets this design in motion. Two nozzles located under the flyer’s feet manifest the flight mechanics foundation, and provide an opening for the output of water flow make the rider to fly up to 15 m in the air or to dive headlong through the water down to 2.5 m.

How to play Bali Flyboard Adventure? It is much easier to learn to fly with the flyboard, than it may seem at first glance. The main thing is to follow the instructions of our professional guide and not to be afraid. All movements during the flight are carried out at an intuitive level, as during the walk. Neither physical form nor special skills are required. Natural equilibrioception and natural movement coordination are all the beginner needs. Height, weight and age are not the determining factors for this activity. Don’t worry you will make it, our instructor will be kindly support you, get wet and be amazed.

Bali Flyboard Safety & Regulations

Safety briefing will be conducted on activities site. All instructions from instructor must be followed by guests while in the sea or on land. Never fly the flyboard under the influence of alcohols, drugs or other medication that impairs judgement or coordination. Doing so can result in serious injury. For safety reasons, we may need to reschedule your experience to a later date due to bad weather conditions, including; Heavy rain or thunderstorm, sustained high winds and tidal wave. No pregnant women, those in a cast and person with the heart conditions and/or back trouble.

Additional Info

  • No deposit needed to make a booking
  • Reasonable and fair price, that means NO HIDDEN FEES
  • Payment either in USD, AUD, SGD, MYR, Rupiah, or other currencies based on the latest exchange rates
  • Payment by Credit Card required 3% additional charge
  • A minimum 2 (two) participants is required to join the tour
  • Minimum 10 years old (Guests under 12 years old must have a legal parent or guardian accompany them during the flyboard activities.)
  • Maximum 60 years old
  • Not recommended for pregnant women

US $ 60 per person

    Price Included
  • Air conditioned return hotel transfers
  • Instructor
  • Insurance (Public liability insurance)
  • Helmet (Jetpilot)
  • Life vest (Jetpilot)
  • Flyboard equipments (Zapata Racing)
  • Jet ski (Sea-Doo)
  • Speed boat transportation to the pontoon

  • Short pants or swimsuit
  • Change of dry clothes
  • Sun glasses
  • Sunscreen

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