Water Sports Activities & Packages in Bali 2023 - 2024

Bali is a land of sun, sea, and sand, making it an ideal destination for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts alike. And one of the most popular spots for water sports in Bali is Tanjung Benoa Beach.

Located on the southeastern coast of Bali, this small peninsula is known for its crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches and a variety of water sport activities on offer, it's the perfect destination for water sports enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

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Cheap & Best Bali Water Sport Packages

If you're looking for a fun and affordable way to spend your vacation in Bali, consider trying out some of the water sports available in Tanjung Benoa. With a variety of water activities and packages available at a reasonable price, you can enjoy a memorable experience while on a budget.

So, grab your swimsuit, sunscreen, and sense of adventure, and head to Tanjung Benoa for an unforgettable water sports experience.

A. The Family Package

  • 1. Banana Boat Ride
  • 2. Glass-bottom Boat Ride
  • 3. Turtle Island Tour
  • US$ 30

  • The Family Package is designed for families with young children. This package includes a banana boat ride and a turtle island tour, where you'll get to see and interact with turtles up close. The tour also includes a glass-bottom boat ride, allowing you to see the marine life in their natural habitat without getting wet. This package is perfect for those looking for a fun and educational experience for the whole family.

B. Adventure Package

  • 1. Parasailing Adventure
  • 2. Jet Ski
  • 3. Banana Boat Ride
  • US$ 40

  • The Adventure Package is perfect for those looking for a fun-filled day of water sports. This package includes jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat ride. You'll get to experience the thrill of riding a jet ski and being lifted high into the air on a parasail, as well as the excitement of bouncing over the waves on a banana boat. This package is suitable for all ages and levels of experience.

C. Experience Package

  • 1. Ocean Walking
  • 2. Parasailing Adventure
  • 3. Jet Ski
  • US$ 65

  • For the water sport experiece. This package includes jet skiing, parasailing, and ocean-walking. With Oceal-walking, you'll get to experience the sensation of flying as you're propelled into the air by a water jet. This package is perfect for those looking for an extreme water sports experience.

D. Extreme Package

  • 1. Flyboarding
  • 2. Parasailing Adventure
  • 3. Jet Ski
  • US$ 75

  • For a more adrenaline rush, choose the Extreme Package. This package includes jet skiing, parasailing, and flyboarding. With flyboarding, you'll get to experience the sensation of flying as you're propelled into the air by a water jet. This package is perfect for those looking for an extreme water sports

E. Ultimate Package

  • 1. Scuba Dive
  • 2. Donut Ride
  • 3. Parasailing Adventure
  • 4. Jet Ski
  • 5. Banana Boat Ride
  • 6. Snorkeling
  • US$ 90

  • For a comprehensive water sports experience, choose the Ultimate Package. This package includes jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat ride, and donut ride. You'll also get to experience the beauty of Bali's underwater world with a snorkeling session. And, for the ultimate adventure, you'll get to explore the depths of the ocean with a scuba diving session. This package is perfect for those looking to try out a variety of water activities and get a taste of everything Tanjung Benoa has to offer.

    With so many options, you're sure to find the perfect activity to suit your interests and skill level. Whether you're an experienced adventurer or trying something new for the first time, we're here to make your vacation unforgettable.

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No matter what water sport activities or packages you choose, Bali offers an unforgettable experience that's sure to leave you with lasting memories.

In addition to our water sports activities, we also offer complimentary pick-up and drop-off services from your hotel or villa, so you can focus on enjoying your adventure.

As well as our experienced and certified instructors are dedicated to providing you with a safe and unforgettable experience. We use top-quality equipment and adhere to the highest safety standards, so you can focus on having fun and enjoying the thrill of the water sports.

Ready to book your Tanjung Benoa water sports experience? Contact us today to learn more about our activities and packages. We can't wait to show you the best of Bali!

Water Sport Activities in Tanjung Benoa

Are you ready for an adventure-filled vacation? Look no further than Tanjung Benoa, Bali's premier destination for water sports activities — your ultimate destination for an exhilarating and unforgettable water sports experience in the stunning island paradise of Bali.

Here are Top & Best Water Sport Activities in Tanjung Benoa, Bali that you should consider:

1. Banana Boat Ride

  • US$ 35 US$ 15
  • 15 Minutes

water sport in tanjung benoa bali

Banana Boat Ride is the exciting water activities ride on the rubber boat in form of Banana and pulled by the speed boat. This adventure brings you to the fun situation along with partner or group which can give the memorable experience. The adventure ride on the Banana Boat is the most spectacular marine activities to explore the beautiful beach of Tanjung Benoa Beach in south part of Bali.

2. Parasailing

  • US$ 65 US$ 30
  • 5 Minutes

water sport in tanjung benoa bali

Take to the skies and enjoy panoramic views of Bali's coastline as you soar high above the ocean. Parasailing is a fun and exhilarating activity that's perfect for adrenaline junkies. Parasailing is a recreational activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle (usually a boat) while attached to a specially designed parachute, known as a parasail. The boat then drives off, carrying the parascender into the air. If the boat is powerful enough, two people can parasail behind it at the same time. The parascender has little or no control over the parachute.

3. Jet Ski

  • US$ 70 US$ 30
  • 15 Minutes

water sport in tanjung benoa bali

Jet Ski Riding is a great water sport adventure using water ski with special engine 700 cc to explore the beautiful beach of Tanjung Benoa, just a step from Nusa Dua. It is a fantastic water sport adventure with high speed of powerful ski, getting wet from water sprinkle, turn over moving and run flat on blue water. Your trips will be guided by a professional and experience Jet Ski instructor to speed up with great experiences within 15 minutes on the water. The sort safety training will be given before starting the engine as well as the life jacket to ensure your adventure comfortably.

4. Bali Seawalker

  • US$ 80 US$ 35
  • 25 Minutes

water sport in tanjung benoa bali

Bali Seawalker is an underwater activity that offers everyone an opportunity to enjoy an underwater experience with the minimum of equipment. The ‘walks’ utilize a specially-designed helmet that is connected to oxygen tanks aboard a boat, providing participants with a constant flow of air to breathe underwater. Participants with prescription lenses need not take their glasses off to enjoy the activity due to the convenient helmets, and will remain dry from the chin up throughout the tour. Depths are approximately seven metres, where you will soon be able to observe colourful schools of fish, coral reefs and marine life.

5. Flying Fish

  • US$ 60 US$ 30
  • 2x Fly

water sport in tanjung benoa bali

If you want to have adrenalin-producing water sport activity, you might want to try Flying Fish. Pulled by a speedboat, your flying fish could be taken up to 3 meters over the surface of the water. With selections of positioning when you ride the flying fish, the activity goes more intense. The ride usually takes 15 to 20 minutes from start until it ends.

6. Bali Scuba Diving

  • US$ 75 US$ 35
  • 1x Dive

water sport in tanjung benoa bali

Scuba diving is the best way to feeding your curiosity in exploring the underwater world and increasing your experiences as a diver. Admire the beauty of corals and interaction with fishes is the deepest desire of every diver, when you are going for Scuba diving it meant your real adventure is begin. There is many dive center or agents providing for Scuba diving service in Bali.

7. Glass Bottom Boat + Turtle Island Tour

  • US$ 50 US$ 25
  • 1 Hour

water sport in tanjung benoa bali

A glass bottom boat is a boat with sections of glass, or other suitable transparent material, below the waterline allowing passengers to observe the underwater environment from within the boat. The view through the glass bottom is better than simply looking into the water from above, because one does not have to look through optically erratic surface disturbances. The effect is similar to that achieved by a diving mask, while the passengers are able to stay dry, out of the water.

turtle island tour

After seeing and feeding the fish, the tour will be proceeded to turtle island conservation, who took the time for 15 minutes. After arriving on the Bali Turtle Island, the guide will be happy to invite you to see the green turtles.

8. Snorkeling

  • US$ 70 US$ 35
  • 1 Hour

water sport in tanjung benoa bali

Bali is home to a vibrant underwater world, with colorful coral reefs and diverse marine life. Snorkeling is a great way to explore this underwater world and get up close with Bali's fascinating sea creatures.

Snorkeling is a popular recreational activity, particularly at tropical resort and scuba diving locations. The primary attraction is the opportunity to observe underwater life in a natural setting without the complicated equipment and raining required for scuba diving, and without the exhaled bubbles of scuba diving equipment.

9. Fly Board

  • US$ 85 US$ 45
  • 15 Minutes

water sport in tanjung benoa bali

Fly Board is the newest extreme sport in Tanjung Benoa! A fly boarder stand on a kind off snowboard/ wakeboard that pushed up by a high pressure water force. This water force comes from a 200 pk connected Jet-Ski. A fly board rider is able to fly up to 5 meters in the air or to dive headlong through the water. Professional fly boarders are able to fly up to 10 meters in the air.

Learning to operate the Fly board is much easier than you might think. Many tourist are amazed how easy it is to fly. Our instructors in Bali will give you a proper instruction and almost anyone will start flying during their 5 minutes in the water. After 15 minutes in the water you could easily have basic control of your movements over the water.

These are just some of the water sports activities you can enjoy in Tanjung Benoa. Make sure to book with a reputable provider and follow all safety instructions for a fun and safe experience.

What's included

  • Round-trip transfers to and from your hotel.
  • All necessary safety equipment.
  • Insurance provided by the water sport operator
  • Locker
  • Certified professional instructor

Know before you book

  • The payment , using either US Dollar (USD) or Indonesia's local currency (IDR)
  • Participants must be aged 9+ to participate in this activity.
  • Jetski Ride not allowed without instructor.
  • Insurance provided by the water sport operator instructor.
  • Insurance will be provided by the operator for participants aged 9-70.
  • This activity is not recommended for pregnant women, and those with back problems, epilepsy, heart conditions, or other serious medical conditions.
  • This activity could be canceled due to extreme weather or unforeseen events. If canceled, you may book a different date or ask for a refund and you'll get a full refund.
  • Water sports are available daily at 09:00 - 16:00

Additional Information

  • As water sports activities are mostly done at sea on a sunny day, it is highly recommended to bring your swimwear and sun screen protection
  • Swimming skill is not required to participate as the operator provides high-standard safety equipment and experienced instructors to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience.
  • For safety concerns, photographic equipment, cell phones, and sports cameras should not be used during the activity.
  • The duration of each activity is guaranteed! If you found it does not satisfy you time-wise, you can re-do the activity on that day. Any complain regarding the duration of the activity raised after you left the venue will not be accommodated.

What to bring

  • Swimwear, and Change of clothes.
  • Towel, Sandals, and Sunscreen.

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