Tirta Gangga Water Palace: Visitors Guide 2023-2024 Update

Nestled in the hills of Karangasem in East Bali, Tirta Gangga is a stunning water palace that serves as a poignant reminder of Bali's royal heritage. The name 'Tirta Gangga' literally translates to 'water from the Ganges,' paying homage to the spiritual significance of the Ganges River in Hinduism.

Built in 1948 by the late King of Karangasem, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem Agung, the palace is a labyrinth of pools, fountains, and intricate stone statues amidst lush gardens.

Tirta Gangga Water Palace

If you're visiting Bali, Tirta Gangga is a must-see destination that encapsulates the essence of Balinese art, culture, and natural beauty. Known for its intricate stone carvings, traditional architecture, and evocative landscapes, this water palace offers visitors a chance to experience Bali’s historical grandeur in a serene environment.

In this updated guide for 2023-2024, we'll delve into everything you need to know about visiting this iconic destination—Tirta Gangga Water Palace.

What to Expect

When you first enter Tirta Gangga, you'll immediately sense that this is more than just a tourist attraction—it's a living museum steeped in tradition, spirituality, and aesthetic brilliance. Surrounded by lush greenery and the distant outline of Mount Agung, Tirta Gangga seamlessly combines natural beauty with man-made artistry, creating an atmosphere that's unlike anything else.

Tirta Gangga

As you wander through the meticulously maintained gardens, you'll notice a range of exotic plants, flowers, and even large trees that have been curated to provide a tranquil setting. The gardens are landscaped in such a way that each corner offers a new visual feast, whether it's a secluded pond, a meticulously pruned bush in the shape of a mythical creature, or a hidden alcove with a stone bench where you can sit and soak in the surroundings.

Tirta Gangga

One of the most iconic features of Tirta Gangga is its water structures, including pools, fountains, and artificial lakes. The large 11-tiered fountain near the entrance is an architectural marvel, each tier representing a different level of Hindu cosmology. The water in these fountains is considered holy and is often used for religious ceremonies.

Tirta Gangga

The main pool, however, is where you get to experience the novelty of "walking on water." Stone slabs are strategically placed to allow you to traverse the pool without getting wet, unless you want to take a dip, of course. The pool is filled with koi fish, and for a small fee, you can even feed them.

Tirta Gangga

Art lovers will appreciate the intricacy of the numerous sculptures that adorn the property. These stone sculptures range from depictions of Hindu deities to mythical creatures like dragons and Garudas. The craftsmanship is a testament to Bali's rich artistic traditions, each piece telling a story or symbolizing a spiritual concept. Don't miss the legendary stone carving of the "churning of the ocean of milk," a famous episode from Hindu mythology.

How to Get There

Tirta Gangga is located about 75 kilometers northeast of Denpasar, Bali's capital. The journey usually takes around 2 hours by car, depending on traffic. Public transport options are available, but the most convenient way to reach Tirta Gangga from Denpasar, Kuta, and Seminyak is by hiring a private car. The journey takes around 2 to 2.5 hours, depending on traffic, and can cost between IDR 500,000 to IDR 800,000 ($35-$55 USD) for a return trip or joining a guided tour.

Entrance Fee

One of the great aspects of visiting Tirta Gangga is that it offers an enriching experience that is relatively affordable, especially when compared to other tourist attractions. The admission cost goes toward the maintenance of the palace, ensuring that it remains a beautiful and inviting place for all to enjoy.

Tirta Gangga Entrance Fees (Updated for 2023-2024):

  • Foreign Adults: IDR 50,000 (approximately $3.50 USD)
  • Foreign Children: IDR 25,000 (approximately $1.75 USD)
  • Local Adults: IDR 20,000 (approximately $1.40 USD)
  • Local Children: IDR 10,000 (approximately $0.70 USD)

Guided Tours

Exploring Tirta Gangga on your own can be a rewarding experience, but opting for a guided tour can add layers of depth and understanding to your visit that you might otherwise miss. We've curated an array of special Bali Day Tours below, specifically tailored to elevate your visit to Tirta Gangga Water Palace to unforgettable heights.

With a guided tour, not only do you get the added convenience of transportation and a curated itinerary, but you also gain the insights of an expert who can share the history, culture, and stories behind this remarkable site.

Whether you’re a history buff, a photography enthusiast, or someone who just wants to absorb the beauty of the site without worrying about logistics, there's likely a guided tour of Tirta Gangga that's perfect for you.

Address & Google Map Information

Tirta Gangga Water Palace located at Jalan Raya Abang Desa Adat, Ababi, Abang, Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia

  • Latitude: -8.400879
  • Longitude: 115.586416

These coordinates can be entered into a GPS device or a map application like Google Maps to get precise directions from your starting location to Tirta Gangga.

It's advisable to download the map for offline use, especially if you're driving yourself, as internet service can be spotty in some areas. By using the address and map details provided, you can ensure a smooth journey to Tirta Gangga, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Nearby Cheap Hotels

Visiting Tirta Gangga offers a rich, cultural experience, and the good news is that you don't have to break the bank to stay nearby. The area around the water palace features a range of affordable hotels and guesthouses that offer comfort, convenience, and a dash of local charm. Here's a selection of budget-friendly options:

  1. Tirta Ayu Hotel & Restaurant: Within the Tirta Gangga complex, offers a unique experience with panoramic views of the water palace and an in-house restaurant serving traditional Balinese cuisine.
  2. Pondok Batur Indah Homestay: About 1 km from Tirta Gangga. A homely atmosphere with basic amenities, ideal for travelers looking for an authentic local experience.
  3. Gangga Blessta Homestay: Approximately 2 km from Tirta Gangga. Showcases Balinese-style architecture and provides a tranquil setting with nearby paddy fields.
  4. Bukit Asri Lodge: While a bit further away, this resort offers a serene jungle setting with luxury accommodations. Amenities include multiple pools, a spa, and yoga facilities. Shuttle services to Ubud center and Saraswati Temple are also available.

By opting for one of these affordable hotels, you can enjoy a comfortable stay that complements your visit to Tirta Gangga without stretching your budget.

Photography Opportunities

Tirta Gangga is a photographer's paradise. Whether you're an amateur smartphone photographer or a professional with a DSLR, the water palace offers endless opportunities for capturing stunning images. From the panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes to the intricate details of the sculptures and architecture, each snapshot you take will be a memento of a truly unique experience.

Tirta Gangga

To sum it up, a visit to Tirta Gangga is like stepping into a different realm—one where art, nature, and spirituality coalesce into a harmonious ensemble. Whether you spend an hour or an entire day, the palace's multi-faceted appeal ensures that you will leave with a sense of awe and a deeper appreciation for Bali's rich cultural tapestry.

Nearby Attractions

While Tirta Gangga is a destination that can captivate visitors for hours, the surrounding area is also teeming with attractions that offer diverse aspects of Balinese culture, nature, and adventure. If you're looking to explore more, Bali Tour Packages often include these sites, making it easier for you to plan a comprehensive itinerary. Here’s a rundown of some must-visit nearby attractions:

  • Lempuyang Temple One of Bali’s most revered temples, often referred to as the 'Gates of Heaven,' offers panoramic views of Mount Agung.
  • Ujung Water Palace: Explore another regal haven, the Ujung Water Palace, with its sprawling landscape, interconnected ponds, and scenic vistas. Wander through its harmonious architecture and lush surroundings.
  • Tenganan Village: Immerse yourself in the cultural authenticity of Tenganan Village, a traditional Balinese village known for its unique customs, weaving traditions, and architectural charm.
  • Pasir Putih Beach: Also known as White Sand Beach, this serene coastal gem offers pristine shores, clear waters, and a laid-back atmosphere ideal for relaxation.

By extending your visit to include some of these nearby attractions, you can immerse yourself more deeply in the cultural richness and natural beauty that this part of Bali has to offer.


The water palace was built in 1948 by the late Raja (King) of Karangasem, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem Agung. The Raja was a visionary who drew inspiration from both Balinese and Chinese architectural elements. The palace served as a royal retreat for the king and his family, as well as a place of religious significance.

Tirta Gangga

The Tirta Gangga Water Palace is an intricate maze of pools, fountains, and lush gardens. The design aims to mimic the heavenly gardens of Hindu mythology, blending natural elements like water, stone, and flora in perfect harmony. The king himself was actively involved in the design process, and the site was built using both local labor and material, showcasing intricate stone carvings and statues that depict scenes from famous Hindu epics.

Tirta Gangga was not left unscathed by the passage of time and the forces of nature. The palace faced significant damage during the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963. However, the resilience and commitment of the royal family and the local community saw it being rebuilt and restored to its former glory. Restoration works were carried out faithfully, maintaining the original concept and designs.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, Tirta Gangga holds deep spiritual significance. The waters are considered holy and are used in various religious ceremonies. The pools are also open to the public for ritual purification, an integral part of Balinese Hinduism.

Tirta Gangga

Today, Tirta Gangga is more than just a historical monument; it is a living part of Balinese culture and spirituality. It has gained immense popularity as a tourist destination but still retains its original function as a place of worship and spiritual cleansing. Efforts are ongoing to preserve its unique architecture and significance, ensuring that the palace continues to be a touchpoint of Balinese heritage for future generations.

By understanding the rich history of Tirta Gangga, visitors can better appreciate the depths of its beauty and significance. Whether you're exploring its gardens, marveling at its intricate sculptures, or partaking in ritual purification, you're participating in a tradition that has been upheld for more than seven decades.

Best Time to Visit

If you're planning to visit the enchanting Tirta Gangga Water Palace in Bali, timing your trip carefully can greatly enhance your experience. From climate conditions to tourist crowds, various factors can influence your visit. Here's a breakdown of the best times to explore this remarkable destination:

Dry Season (April to September): The dry season in Bali typically stretches from April to September, offering sunny days and less humidity. Expect clear skies and bright sun, perfect for capturing stunning photos of the water palace's intricate designs and lush gardens.

Morning Visits: Regardless of the season, mornings at Tirta Gangga are usually less crowded and offer softer, more favorable light for photography. The temperatures are also more manageable compared to the hot midday sun.

Tirta Gangga Opening Hours

Tirta Gangga Water Palace is open to the public every day, including weekends and public holidays. The standard operating hours are from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. While these are the general timings, it's important to be aware that the palace may have special hours or temporary closures for religious ceremonies and local festivals. Checking ahead of time is always a good idea, especially if your visit coincides with a special event.

For those looking to avoid crowds, early mornings and late afternoons are recommended. The last entry is usually permitted up to 30 minutes before the palace closes, so aim to arrive by 5:30 PM if you're planning to visit later in the day. The ticket counter operates during the standard opening hours and is where you'll need to pay the entrance fee to experience this remarkable attraction.


Tirta Gangga Water Palace is not just a destination; it's an experience that offers a rare glimpse into Bali's rich cultural and spiritual heritage. With its intricate architecture, tranquil gardens, and mystical pools, the water palace is a testament to the artistry and religious devotion of the Balinese people.

Tirta Gangga Water Palace

Whether you visit during the sunny dry season or the lush wet season, whether you come for photography, spiritual exploration, or simple wanderlust, Tirta Gangga has something for everyone. Armed with the right information about its history, best times to visit, and practical travel tips, you're well-prepared for an enriching journey. Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of this Balinese gem.


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For us, travel is not just about seeing new places but experiencing them in the most authentic way possible. We hope this guide helps you make the most of your visit to Tirta Gangga, ensuring it's as unforgettable as the island itself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Tirta Gangga a must-visit attraction in Bali?

Tirta Gangga isn't just another tourist destination; it's a cultural and spiritual haven that captures the essence of Bali in one place. Featuring intricate stone carvings, elaborate water gardens, and ponds filled with koi fish, the Water Palace offers an experience that is both visually stunning and spiritually enriching. Here, you can not only capture amazing photographs but also learn about Balinese history and spirituality. The tranquility of the water features, combined with the lush landscapes, provides a serene backdrop for introspection or meditation.

Can you provide some travel tips for visiting Tirta Gangga?

Absolutely! When visiting Tirta Gangga, it's advisable to arrive early in the morning to beat the crowds and enjoy cooler temperatures. Make sure to bring essentials like bottled water, sunscreen, and comfortable walking shoes. It's also good to have some cash on hand for the entrance fee and any small purchases you might want to make. While guided tours are available and can provide valuable insights into the history and architecture of the place, the site is also easily navigable if you prefer exploring on your own.

Are there any nearby attractions worth visiting?

Yes, the area around Tirta Gangga is rich in attractions. You can visit the Lempuyang Temple, known for its "Gateway to Heaven," offering a perfect photo op with Mount Agung in the background. The Amed Beach is another great spot, particularly if you're into diving or snorkeling. The Taman Ujung Water Palace is another architectural marvel that you can explore. These attractions can easily be included in Bali Day Tours or Multi-day Tour Packages, making your trip more comprehensive and enjoyable.

What are the options for accommodation near Tirta Gangga?

The area around Tirta Gangga offers a range of accommodation options to suit various budgets. From homestays that offer a glimpse into Balinese life to more upscale resorts that provide luxurious amenities, you have plenty of choices. Most accommodations are within a short drive from Tirta Gangga, making it convenient for visitors.

How do I get to Tirta Gangga from popular locations like Seminyak, Kuta, Nusa Dua, and Ubud?

Tirta Gangga is accessible by road from all major tourist areas in Bali. From Seminyak and Kuta, it's about a 2 to 2.5-hour drive. From Nusa Dua, it could take up to 3 hours depending on traffic. From Ubud, you're looking at approximately a 2-hour journey. Private taxis, guided tours, and public transportation are available, but for the most convenient and comfortable experience, it's recommended to hire a private vehicle or join a guided tour.

Is Tirta Gangga suitable for families with children?

Definitely.Tirta Gangga Water Palace is a family-friendly destination. The open spaces, shallow ponds, and interesting fauna like koi fish can keep children engaged. However, supervision is advised near water bodies. The pathways are generally stroller-friendly, and the serene atmosphere makes it a comfortable outing for visitors of all ages.