Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace

Bukit Jambul Bali Rice Terraces

Bukit Jambul Rice Terrace is renown as an outstanding natural tourist destination due to the harmonious combination of hilly land, rice fields, valleys and the beautiful sea panorama in a distance. From high land, we will be able to witness the beauty of the nature beneath. A stunning fertile rice fields terrace surrounding the area of Bukit Jambul has long enjoyed its reputation as a tourist destination. With a cool air and enjoyable atmosphere, Bukit Jambul is a perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate.

Bukit Jambul Rice Terraces is located at Pesaban traditional village, Nongan village, Rendang district. Karangasem - Bali. It is approximately 8 kms from Klungkung regency to the north, and about 51 kms . This road around 15 kms continues to Besakih Temple and Rendang. There are several restaurants here that provides buffet lunches.

Bukit Jambul Rice Terraces name first given by a tourist at the time of the invasion of the Netherlands to Indonesia. Bukit Jambul is known as a wonderful destination for a harmonious combination between the hills, fields, valleys, and beautiful sea panorama. From the height of the hill we can see the natural beauty beneath. Bukit Jambul has enough cool air. From the above we can see the expanse of hills and valleys with the terracing rice acreage mix.

Our eyes are also pampered with a sea view is visible from above of Bukit Jambul Rice Terraces, from the distance we can see the group of Nusa Penida islands. On the lane winding and uphill, we could see the storied field and clove trees are fertile. Sidemen east region would look towering hill, look south we will see paddy field area of Klungkung District and surrounding. At the top of the hill there is a temple called Puncak Sari Temple which is surrounded by large trees.

Meanwhile, under the temple complex there panoramic rice fields are very beautiful and cool. While enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, we can relax in the Coffee Shop or restaurant there. Bukit Jambul Rice Terraces is many visited by tourists who stop off by going to the Besakih Temple or on his return from Besakih Temple.

Public Facilities

  • Parking Area
  • Public Toilet
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Drink Stall