The Ultimate Guide to Kintamani Volcano (Mount Batur) in Bali

Kintamani Volcano is one of the most popular and favorite tourist attraction in north-east of Bali is home to bewitching nature and six ancient villages along with the prime attraction, the mesmerizing Batur Lake perched aside an active volcano.

The villages of Penelokan, Toya Bungkah, Batur, Kedisan, Abung, Songan and Kintamani symbolize timeless beauty, as they surround the cauldron of the lake.

kintamani volcano

The locals devotedly follow their ancestral traditions, which are handed over from generation to generation.

Their lifestyle is however, adapted from the after effects of the eruptions from Mount Batur, which has lashed out its wrath over 24 times since 1800.

There are also a number of villages in the Kintamani area including old Balinese Aga villages situated around Batur Lake.

Lake Batur provides the majority of Bali’s irrigation water and is also a local breeding ground for freshwater fish.

The fertile Kintamani area is a top producer of fruit and vegetables in Bali. This highland area is at approximately 400 metres above sea level, with cool air condition in the daytime and cold at night.

mount batur volcano

A visit to Kintamani Volcano is a rare opportunity to experience one of Bali’s last remaining active volcanos up close.

Here is everything you need to know before you visit Kintamani Volcano in Bali, but feel free to jump to any section that interests you.

What to Expect at Kintamani

Kintamani Volcano provides spectacular views of this crater lake and Mount Batur, set in a vast volcanic caldera.

You can view Batur's rugged features of dark lava slopes and black molten rocks from the village's roadside. The lush green vegetation and the blue-green coloured lake serves as a stark contrast.

The Mount Batur in Kintamani is popular for climbing. You can observe the sunrise from the ridges of this Bali volcano on early morning treks.

mount batur trek

From high, you can enjoy the vista overlooking the large and beautiful Batur caldera to its northwest. Lake Batur is on the southeastern side of the volcano.

The lake is 16 kilometres wide and is a popular fishing spot. Batur's village of Toya Bungkah has hot lakeside hot springs, known for its curative mineral water.

It is a popular choice among trekkers to spend the night before hiking up Mount Batur in time to watch the sunrise.

mount batur volcano

West of the adjacent Mount Abang is the secluded old Balinese village of Trunyan. It's a place that's known for its ancient burial traditions using an open graveyard.

The Pancering Jagat Temple is an interesting site here. Its name is derived from a four metre-tall statue, ‘Ratu Gede Pusering Jagat’.

Penelokan Viewpoint

Penelokan is one of the main villages and offers one of the best vantage points at the southernmost rim of the crater, boasting sweeping views over Kintamani Volcano.

At 1,500m above sea level, the combination of black molten rock and dark lava slopes contrasted against the blue lake and lush green vegetation make it the best place to enjoy these stunning panoramas.

Penelokan Village is located Kintamani District, Bangli Regency. Around 90 minute from Denpasar and 120 minute from Ngurah Rai International to a reached Penelokan Village.

penelokan kintamani

Batur Lake shape that looks like a human brain from distance with fantastic scenery also supported by many restaurants with backdrop Mountain View is still natural so make this area as a favorite place for lunch for tourists.

Penelokan is means “place to be seen”, with height of 1450 above the sea levels makes the village was impressed cold and pure.

Many local and foreign tourists choose this place to enjoy the fresh mountain air, while looking the beautiful scenery with black lave dense from eruption of Batur Mount in 1917 which once destroy Penelokan Village.

With the development of tourism in Kintamani area, was impact for the economy in this village. Even though many villages to work as farmers but also in commercial sector is develops.

kintamani volcano view

This is seen from many shops, restaurant and warung (stal food and drink) who used as culinary tourism destination by the tourist.

Penelokan and Kintamani is an area who has been familiar for tourists, everyone who comes here will certainly back again for a wonderful impression.

There are a large number of buffet restaurants sited on the main road of Penelokan and Kintamani. These restaurants serve all-you-can-eat lunch buffets, and most of the restaurants direct by the views of both Batur volcano and the lake.

Here is an accurate position of Penelokan Viewpoint on the Google map

Kintamani Volcano Address & Map Location

Located in Kintamani sub district, Bangli Regency, Bali, Indonesia. The distance taken into this region is approximately 2 hours’ drive from Denpasar or Karangasem or Lovina.

About 32 km northeast of Ubud or 1 hours, 64 km northeast of Kuta beach or 2 hours, and 68 km northeast of Ngurah Rai airport or 2 hour.

Lined along Penelokan restaurant offers the advantages of natural beauty of the valley and mountains, proved to be very attractive, while relaxing enjoying lunch, visitors are treated to stunning natural panorama.

Here is an accurate position of Kintamani Volcano on the Google map

How to Get to Kintamani Volcano

The Kintamani area is located in northeast Bali, along the same north-south road that stretches between Ubud and Penelokan.

Situated about two hours from the beaches of South Bali, many travelers visit Kintamani Volcano on a day trip.

Daily buses run between Ubud and the villages of the area and the ride takes just under two hours, depending on stops and traffic.

So the most convenient way to get there is hiring a car with driver to discover some places along the way to Kintamani, like; Ubud, Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Ulun Danu Batur Temple, Tegenungan Waterfall, and much more.

Kintamani Volcano Entrance Fee

Visit to the Kintamani Volcano Viewpoint are subject to an entrance fee of 30,000 IDR per person for adult and 15,000 IDR per person for child.

And the payment should be cash in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), so please prepare small cash before you come here.

Kintamani Volcano Opening Hours

The Kintamani Volcano is open for visitor 24 hours daily. However clouds often move in during the afternoons, arriving early in the day provides better photo opportunities.

The Kintamani volcano or Mount Batur, in particular, is a very popular trek. The captivating Mount Batur surrounds the 13-square kilometre Batur caldera lake.

Those with a penchant for adventure can take a winding road down to the lake shore. This leads you to Toya Bungkah, Ulun Danu Batur Temple, and a collection of hot springs.

Best time to visit Kintamani Volcano

May-August have pleasant climate and are typically less crowded. The rainy months of September to March are best avoided, as the mountainous region of Kintamani receives heavy showers.

It is best to arrive at Kintamani early from 10:00 to 15:00, as cloud cover and fog often set in by late afternoon, disrupting the views.

However if you looking for sunrise, so you should be here at 6.15 AM – 6.20 AM, and sunset will be at 6.15 PM – 6.20 PM.

Mount Batur

Mount Batur (Gunung Batur) is an active volcano located at the center of two concentric calderas north west of Mount Agung on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

The active volcano of Mount Batur rises 679 meter-tall stratovolcano rising above the surface of Lake Batur. Batur area is one of the most impressive calderas in the world with length 13.8 km and 10 km width.

mount batur volcano

In the east slopes of batur volcano nested the biggest lake in Bali called Lake Batur. The volcano consists of a main cone with four summits and one main crater. The volcano also flanked by a small parasitic cone in the west slope, called Bukit Butus.

In September 2012 the area of Mount Batur volcano was declared by UNESCO as Batur Global Geopark for its cultural significance and natural scenery.

The center Batur volcanic located around 300 km north of the Java trench and around 150 km above the north-dipping Belief, the crust of beneath Bali is about 20 to 25 km thick.

Two huge eruptions forming caldera catastrophic occurred at old Batur volcano. The first caldera was formed 29,300 years ago.

The second caldera was formed eruption occurred 20,150 year ago and was accompanied by eruption of andesitic to ignimbrite and made the caldera deeper and arise the lake from the accumulation of rainwater.

Here is an accurate position of Mount Batur on the Google map

Mount Batur Eruptions

Around 23,000 BC during the cataclysms that marked the fore last shift of the earth’s poles.

An explosion of incredible magnitude formed the gigantic Batur caldera which today has a diameter of ca. 13 km – one of the largest and most impressive in the world.

Before that eruption Mount Batur rose about 3,800 m above sea level and it was thus higher than Mount Agung (3,142 m / 10,308 feet).

Another heavy eruption took place around 10,500 BC – at the time of the last shift of the earth’s poles – and formed a smaller, secondary crater with a diameter of ca.

7,5 km in the southeastern part of the larger caldera, nowadays marked by the Bali Aga villages of Songan and the popular panoramic viewpoint of Penelokan, with the current volcanic cone in its center.

mount batur volcano eruption

The Batur caldera therefore actually consists of a gigantic, double elliptic crater with a total diameter of 10 x 13 km.

Mount Batur as we know it today was formed by an eruption in 1917; it is a still active, secondary volcanic cone sporting numerous subsidiary vents around its flanks.

Measured from the floor of the crater it rises within the circling embrace of the caldera to a height of ca. 700 meter (1,717 meter / 5,633 feet above sea level).

The eruptions of Mt Batur have been registered since 1804 and since that time 22 eruptions of the volcano have occurred.

Since 1917 Mount Batur erupted three more times (1926, 1974, 1994), on each occasion shifting a little more to the west, creating new sub craters that are referred to as Batur I, II and III respectively.

The most devastating occurred on 2 August and ending 21 September 1926. The eruption Mount Batur it makes the flow of hot lava hoard village of Batur and Ulun Danu Batur.

Mount Batur Climb Difficulty

This is probably the “most climbed by tourist volcano” in Bali. While the trek is definitely not a walk in the park, it doesn’t take too long to get to the summit.

The peak sits at 1717 meters (5,633 ft) above sea level and offers breathtaking views of Lake Batur, black lava from the last explosion, and surrounding mountains.

The mountain is crowded with visitors every day, there are just a bunch of people who climb this mountain. The reason is because this mountain not too extreme and fairly safe compared to other mountains in Bali.

mount batur trekking

Here are 7 things you should know before you climb into Mount Batur:

#1. Mount Batur crowded!
Since this mountain very popular in the word and social media as well, it has increased the number of visitors lately. Especially during July, August and December where many people who suddenly want to know.

Usually over 200 visitor everyday want capture sunrise from Mount Batur, if you want to climb when the atmosphere is rather quiet, and then choose January to April.

#2. Suitable for beginners
As we mentioned above, it has only 1,717 meters above sea level. The height of mount Batur is certainly somewhat smaller if compared to other mountains in Indonesia. So in a nutshell, need less than 2 hours to reach the Summit.

Not only is suitable for beginners, it also can be the most ideal for professional climbers who want to climb when the condition of the physical or financial, yet allow them to climb higher mountain.

#3. Beautiful eucalyptus and pine trees
Most of mountain in Indonesian with dense forest but here in mount Batur you’ll find beautiful eucalyptus and pine trees in the foot till in the middle of the mountain, the rest are grass.

This forest could serve as interesting spot to take photos, combination of grassy land and beautiful eucalyptus and pine trees and it make you travel during the climb the cooler.

#4. A challenging trek
Although mount batur only 1,717 meter above sea level, the trek that you go through are full of rocks and slippery footing, that almost same as other mountain as usual.

However, doesn’t worry about it because there are available experiences local guide who happily to lead you to explore mount Batur.

#5. Beautiful scenery from the peak
After passing challenging trek and finally reach the peak, your eyes’ will amazed by stunning scenery entire direction.

From the top, you will see the unique landscapes of Batur Caldera, Mount Abang and Agung in the ditancea and Mount Rinjani as well in Lombok Island, the sunrise describe as paradise of Bali, so amazing.

So it’s no wondering this mountain known as best destination for watching sunrise in Bali.

#6. Although small volcano, but still challenging
Although mount Batur not so high only 1,1717 meter above sea level, but this mountain still offers sensational challenging of climbing which capable to spur adrenalin.

This is particularly what most climbers felt after climbing mount Batur both for beginners to professional. Therefore, you are going to hike this volcano should prepare proper equipment and fit physical.

#7. On the ascent, there was no toilet
In contrast to other existing mountain in Indonesia, in this mountain you won’t find any toilet if you to pee or etc.

So you have to prepare tissue or eat less before ahead to mount Batur, the way if you want go to rest room is go to the grass.

#8. Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking
Sunrise treks to mount Batur are a popular option. You have to get up at the ungodly hour of 2 am to get picked up, and then you start the trek around 4 am.

At the top of the climb you will be rewarded with the view of sunrise and a breakfast that includes eggs cooked on lava-heated rocks.

Mount Batur Hike Itinerary

If you want to hike Mount Batur at the very best time possible, you'll have to be prepared to wake up very, very early.

Most tours will pick you up to begin your Mount Batur hike between 1:30 am and 2:30 am, depending on where your hotel is located.

If you are based in Ubud, it will be about a one-hour drive to Toyabungkah village at the base of this mountain, where you can usually enjoy a hot drink before setting off on your hike.

mount batur hike

To reach the summit of Mount Batur, you will climb an incline of just over 700 meters and it will take you anywhere from one to two hours , depending on your level of fitness.

Tour guides will typically provide you with flashlights so that you can make your way through the trail in the dark, but bring your own if you can just in case.

At the top, you will wait for the sunrise. Slowly you will see flecks of orange, pink and yellow creep up around the horizon as you look out over to Mount Abang, cone-shaped Mount Agung, and the caldera lakes spread out on either side of Mount Batur.

Take some time here to enjoy the view, snap as many photos as you can, and enjoy a breakfast. For a truly unique experience, try boiling an egg in the volcanic steam around you — your guide will likely have brought some along.

Hot drinks and fried bananas are also available for sale at the top so you can warm up - keep your treats away from the monkeys that are sure to be hanging about.

There are three craters that you can visit on your trek back down Mount Batur and you will be sure to see some recent lava flows on the mountain's surface.

It will take you another one to two hours to descend, eventually arriving back at Toyabungkha village.

Just because your Mount Batur hike has ended doesn't mean your experience has to finish there! Visit the nearby Batur Natural Hot Springs to soak your aching muscles and tired feet.

As you swim around in the naturally heated and cool freshwater pools, you can take in the stunning views of the Danau Batur caldera lake before you.

Check out the Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour. Hike your way up, then stand atop, the ancient Mount Batur volcano and watch the sun come up over the sea.

Feel the adrenaline kicks in as you see the sky turn from black to inky blue, from pink to orange, revealing the expanse of the volcanic valley.

Lake Batur

Lake Batur is a crater lake in Kintamani, Bangli Regency of Bali, located about 30 km (19 mi) northeast of Ubud in Bali.

This mountainous region has been shaped by the volcanic eruptions that occurred thousands of years ago.

The lake is inside of the caldera of an active volcano, Mount Batur, located along the Ring of Fire of volcanic activity.

lake batur

It is crescent shaped and it can be found in the smaller, secondary caldera of the Batur volcano, right at the foot of Mount Abang.

The lake is approximately 65 metres deep, extremely cold, and surrounded by beautiful mountain vistas of Mount Batur.

To the local people who live in the small villages around lake Batur, the lake is a sacred site. The communities around the lake live mainly on agriculture and fishing and, in a lesser extent, on tourism.

Here is an accurate position of Lake Batur on the Google map

Batur Natural Hot Spring

Batur Natural Hot Spring also known as Toya Bungkah Hot Spring is geothermally heated springs, perched at the edge of Lake Batur, boasts lovely volcano views and steaming hot springs.

The spring water in Toya Bungkah is clear and without any sulphuric odour and locals claim all sorts of healing properties from the mineral-rich waters.

batur hot spring

Water temperatures range from lukewarm to slightly hotter, though there are no scalding-hot pools, and most are generally warmer in the early morning.

The therapeutic benefits of the mineral springs are said to include the alleviation of neuralgia, bruising, articular rheumatism, stiffness of the shoulders, recovery from fatigue and muscular complaints and enhancing fertility.

There’s also Resto Desa Sari Ulam onsite, serving local cuisine and freshwater fish grills. Entry fees are USD 10 (IDR 150,000) which includes drinks, lockers, showers, towel and unlimited use of the pools.

Opening Hours: 07:00-19:00
Address: Toya Bungkah Kintamani, Desa Pekraman Batur, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80612, Indonesia.

Here is an accurate position of Toya Bungkah Hot Spring on the Google map

Kintamani Village

Kintamani Village is a traditional village in Bangli regency, situated on 1500 meter above sea level right on the hill surrounded by the pure and beautiful nature.

This village is very famous in Bali Island and appointed as a tourist destination and many visited by tourist every day where every visitor will be offered by the complimentary of panoramic view to the Batur Volcano and Lake.

It was formed between 30,000 and 10,000 years ago. Two enormous volcanic eruptions created an hugh caldera with a diameter of 10 km by 13 km.

Mt. Batur as we know it today was formed in 1917; the volcano is still active with numerous subsidiary vents around its flanks.

Measured from the floor of the caldera it rises to a height of ca. 700 meter (1,717 meter / 5,633 feet above sea level).

Kintamani is also known for Pura Tuluk Biyu's 1,000-year-old "Rites of Peace" stone tablets. It is situated next to Mount Batur.

Batur Geopark Museum in Kintamani

The Batur Geopark Museum is located in Kintamani District of Bangli Regency in Bali. This is the first volcanic museum in Indonesia.

If you are travelling through Kintamani but not visiting this museum, you miss a diamond among the gold during your holiday.

The museum is a treasure chest full of information about volcano in Indonesia especially the Batur volcano.

batur geopark museum kintamani

Explains huge varieties of information from the history, process, material, studies and many more including Balinese religious perspective towards volcano.

This museum was built in regard to the fact that Indonesia possesses more than 500 volcanoes which 129 among them are categorized as active.

Batur Geopark Museum can be found on the right side of the street after Penelokan mount view in Kintamani if you are traveling from Lovina or Singaraja.

Since this museum was built in 2007, not so many people notice this Batur Geopark Museum in Bali. The front appearance of the building is also more likely to be a market or ordinary building.

However, the facilities inside are very interesting and informative. You can find diorama, map, sample of volcanic eruption material, several tools used to detect upcoming eruption, pictures, audio-visual media, computer-based interface, big theater playing movies about volcanic eruption, and many others.

In the first floor, you will find a big diorama showing the relation of volcano worldwide. It is controlled by some console button paired with the name of the volcano.

When you pushed the button, the diorama will turn on the lamp of the volcano in the map. There are also some buttons used as a console to some volcano as a category, so when you push this button, a group of volcano will turned on.

However, some other cool dioramas are not working since the temperature of the area is too humid and not good for the devices.

And as replacement, some computer interfaces are ready to show several interesting information such as the history of the Batur Lake and Volcano.

There is also a diagram of how traditional and modern way of early warning system is conducted in the past.

In the second floor, you can see an explanation of how volcanic rock is carved by Balinese people as one of the artistic pride of Bali.

A Geopark showing Batur environment and cultural reservation is also exhibited there. Another facility in the second floor is a movie theater with the capacity of more than 100 people inside.

However, if you want to ask the staff to play the movie, you need to be in a group of least 25 individuals. An auditorium is also available in the second floor which usually used by local government or other company.

The third floor is specialized as the monitoring and research station towards the activity of the Batur Volcano since it is still active.

In this floor, a telescope equipped with aerial photograph is available. By reading instruction or asking guidance from the museum staffs, visitors can also see the nature landscape of Batur Volcano.

By their eyes, visitors may see the smoke coming out from the volcano as a sign that the volcano is still active.

Local citizen are well aware of the might of Batur Volcano based on religious and scientific perspective. Therefore, when a sign of eruption is appear, local citizen will conduct a ceremony that related to this event.

Event without modern early warning system, local citizen can notice the signs of eruption trough the changing act of animals and nature condition.

And this museum explains all details of the phenomena. So, be sure to visit this museum at least once on your trip in Bali.

Here is an accurate position of Batur Geopark Museum on the Google map

Best & Cheap Restaurants in Kintamani

The best place and the most well-known to have a mountain and lake view lunch is in Kintamani and Penelokan with several buffet restaurants.

Mostly restaurants at Kintamani generally own very beautiful view where tourist merging into their lunch in this restaurant and meanwhile enjoy the panorama.

Buffet style dining with a selection of traditional Balinese and Western foods is the most popular serving with all you can eat package for approximately 100,000 IDR to 150,000 IDR per person.

Below we listed some the best and cheap restaurants in Kintamani

1. Amora Restaurant
Address: Jl. Raya Penelokan No.999, Batur Tengah, Kintamani, Batur Tengah, Kintamani, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80652, Indonesia.

2. Grand Puncak Sari Restaurant
Address: JL. Raya Penelokan, Kintamani, Batur Tengah, Kec. Bangli, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80652, Indonesia.

3. Batur Sari Restaurant
Address: Jl. Raya Penelokan, Batur Tengah, Kintamani, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80652, Indonesia

4. Sari Montain View Restaurant
Address: Jl. Raya Penelokan 888 Br Masem, Batur Selatan, Kintamani, Batur Sel., Kintamani, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80652, Indonesia.

4. Panca Yoga Restaurant
Address: Jl. Raya Penelokan, Batur Tengah, Kintamani, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali 80652, Indonesia.

Best & Cheap Hotels in Kintamani

These best hotels in Kintamani, Bali’s scenic highland region, offer comfortable stays that are fit for both leisure and adventurous travellers.

Kintamani is home to the island’s second tallest peak, Mount Batur, and its eponymous crater lake, which are among the main highlights for hikers and adventurers enjoying this section of Bali’s scenic interior.

kintamani hotel

Hotels and eco lodges mostly dot the western side of the Batur lakeside, enabling you as a guest to enjoy the immersive mountain panoramas right out of your guestroom, bungalow or villa at over 1,000 meters above sea level.

Others are near hot springs, or have naturally heated pools onsite as part of their facilities. In all, these most popular Kintamani hotels serve as great bases for an adventurous holiday in Bali.

Below we listed some the best and cheap hotels in Kintamani

1. Puri Bening Lake Front Hotel
Surrounded by beautiful nature, Puri Bening Lake Front Hotel is located by Lake Batur. It features an outdoor pool, restaurant and spacious rooms with modern interiors.

Rooms in Puri Bening Lake Front Hotel are fitted with a private terrace or balcony, some with views of the lake and mountains.

Each room is furnished with a wardrobe, flat-screen cable TV and an electric kettle. A shower, towels and a set of free toiletries are provided in the en suite bathrooms.

The property is a 20-minute drive from Mount Batur, 25-minute drive from Trunyan Village and 2 hours' drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

2. Lakeside Cottages
Set in Kintamani, a 4-minute walk from Lake Batur, Lakeside Cottages provides accommodation with a garden and a terrace.

Each accommodation at the 2-star hotel has mountain views and free WiFi. Guests can sample international and Indonesian dishes at the in-house restaurant. Rooms are fitted with a private bathroom.

The hotel offers an outdoor pool. You can play billiards at Lakeside Cottages, and bike hire is available.

Kintamani is 8 km from the accommodation. The nearest airport is Ngurah Rai International Airport, 61 km from the property.

3. Volcano Terrace Bali
Volcano Terrace Bali, featuring a garden and a terrace, is situated in Kintamani, a 5-minute walk from Lake Batur and 8 km from Kintamani.

It features free WiFi and a restaurant.The bed and breakfast has a TV. An Asian breakfast is available every morning at the property.

Cycling can be enjoyed nearby and a bicycle rental service is available. Ngurah Rai International Airport is 61 km from the property.

This property also has one of the best-rated locations in Kintamani! Guests are happier about it compared to other properties in the area.

4. Batur Mountain View
Nestled in beautiful mountainous landscape, Batur Mountain View is located in the cool climate area of Kintamani. Mountain views can be enjoyed from all rooms, which include a private bathroom. Free parking spaces are provided on site.

The rooms come with wooden flooring and enjoy plenty of natural light. A private terrace overlooking the mountain is available in select rooms. The en suite bathrooms come with either a bathtub or an open-air shower.

A 2-minute drive from Batur Temple, Batur Mountain View is a 5-minute drive from Mount and Lake Batur as well as Batur Geology Museum.

The property is an hour’s drive away from Ubud and a 3-hour drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Airport transfers can be arranged at a charge.

Guests can prepare meals in the common kitchen or watch TV in the shared living area, which also has a fireplace.

Surrounded by landscaped gardens, Batur Mountain View operates a 24-hour front desk. Vehicle rentals and shuttle services are available for those who wish to explore the area. There are several local dining outlets within a 5-minute drive of the property.

Kintamani Coffee Plantations

The Kintamani region in Bali is less known for its unique Arabica coffee and more known for its lavishing green nature, high volcanos and numerous orange trees.

However, Kintamani coffee is a speciality coffee with a smooth body and characteristic taste made by numerous small family farmers who carefully pick the coffee cherries one-by-one from their decades old coffee trees.

Kintamani is the primary coffee growing region and Robusta coffee still accounts for the major part of the production in Bali, however Arabica is gaining new ground fast.

kintamani bali coffee plantations

Arabica has a stronger body and less acid than Robusta. It has also half the caffeine which means it is a perfect afternoon or evening coffee moment to stay focused, calm and energised.

The speciality coffee scene has grown fast the last few years in Bali where more and more cafe’s invest in educating Barista’s in order to make beautiful coffee but also to understand their beans.

Nowadays Coffee plantations become one the most popular tourist attractions in Bali.

Bali coffee is as unique as its origin place, and Kintamani coffee has clean, light and distinctive flavor. The combination between high humidity, the 900-1550 meters of altitude and long dry months has created unique flavor for this coffee.

Here are things you can find when you taste a cup of Kintamani coffee, especially the Arabica variant.

Coffee from Kintamani area has medium to high acidity, and it is very obvious especially if you are used to milder or instant coffee, which often makes people with low caffeine tolerance avoid Balinese coffee. Kintamani coffee also has intense characteristic, so you can expect extra punch from each sip.

nother special characteristic of Kintamani coffee, despite its high acidity, is the somewhat light flavor and low-key brightness. You can immediately taste it in your mouth; despite the kick and high acidity, the coffee tasted somewhat light, without any gritty taste or much bitterness.

This combination makes Kintamani coffee somewhat “exotic,” and great if you love clean palate after each sip, despite the coffee’s high acidity and intensity.

Kintamani coffee has the combination between medium body and bright, fruity aroma. This coffee tends to display more citrus-y aroma, such as lemon or grapefruit, albeit it can be very faint.

Unlike Java coffee, which usually has a little spicy note, Kintamani coffee is definitely fruity and bright (a little similar to Hawaiian Kona). Meanwhile, the medium body coats the inside of your mouth nicely, without leaving any gritty or bitter aftertaste.

Basically, Kintamani coffee is great for those who enjoy light but clean flavor, bright acidity, and fruity notes in their coffee.

Despite its lightness, remember that Bali coffee is generally punchy and quite strong, and not suitable for those who have low caffeine tolerance or cannot handle strong coffee.

If you want to blend coffee, you can use Kintamani as the “aromatic” part of the blend, and use heavier coffee with thicker body as the base, such as Mandheling coffee or Gayo coffee.

The Island of Bali has the right geography and climate to produce unique variants of coffee. Kintamani coffee is light, bright, punchy, and will wake you up with its aromatic fruity flavor and notes.

5 Most Popular Things To Do in Kintamani

If you are searching for some sightseeing options to make your vacation special then here we list you most popular things to do in Kintamani Volcano.

From trekking to some thrilling activities this island beckons us all. Witness the breathtaking view of the region with a cool atmosphere.

Learn about their culture, the various ritual which is performed by the people residing in these villages, and make your trip perfect with this amazing trip to Bali.

kintamani volcano

Price: $ 40

This tour is covered some of the most popular places and best attractions in Bali, such as; Tohpati village, Celuk village, Mas village, Batuan Temple, Tirta Empul Temple, Tegalalang Rice Terraces, and Tegenungan Waterfall, where you could enjoy the view and swim at the cool water.

All the entrance fees, lunch, taxes, and comportable air-conditioned car transfer with knowledgeable Balinese driver/guide.

Price: $ 50

The trip will take you to see the culture, tradition and Balinese daily life. From its spectacular nature scenery, rice terraces, waterfall, active volcano view, and traditional Balinese dances.

The most popular tourist sites of Bali covered are Barong & Kris dance, Celuk village, Mas village, Tegenungan waterfall, Elephant cave temple of Goa Gajah, Tirta Empul Temple, Kintamani volcano, Temen village, Tegalalang rice terrace, Ubud palace, and Ubud art market.

All the entrance fees, lunch, taxes, and comportable air-conditioned car transfer with knowledgeable Balinese driver/guide.

Price: $ 45

Within 1 day trip you are enable to discover several of Bali's most famous sites and attractions. From its spectacular nature scenery, traditional artisan villages, waterfall, rice terraces, incredible volcano view, iconic temple to the splendour of a sunset as the setting sun paints the waters of the ocean.

The most popular places of Bali covered are Tohpati village, Celuk village, Mas Village, Tegenungan Waterfall, Goa Gajah Elephant Cave, Kintamani Volcano, Tegalalang rice terrace, and Bali’s most visited temple of Pura Tanah Lot.

All the entrance fees, lunch, taxes, and comportable air-conditioned car transfer with knowledgeable Balinese driver/guide.

Price: $ 45

The trip will take you to see the culture, tradition and Balinese daily life. From its spectacular nature scenery, rice terraces, waterfall, active volcano view, and Besakih "Bali's Mother Temple".

All the entrance fees, lunch, taxes, and comportable air-conditioned car transfer with knowledgeable Balinese driver/guide.

Price: $ 50

The journey will take you discover Bali's unique cultural heritage and scenic natural surroundings. From its spectacular nature scenery, rice terraces, waterfall, active volcano view, traditional Balinese dances, beach, and glorious sunset.

All the entrance fees, lunch, dinner, taxes, and comportable air-conditioned car transfer with knowledgeable Balinese driver/guide.

Price: $ 60

While you are in Bali you should picked this Kintamani tour which permits you to trek to Mount Batur.

Head out for an exciting trek to Mount Batur and welcome the sun in the early morning when the entire world is snoozing. Trek to a stature of around 1717 meter and experience the marvellous magnificence.

Mount Batur is considered as one of the sacred mountains by the Hindus. This volcanic mountain draws individuals from distant locations abroad for its shocking beautiful beauty.

The dawn trekking in Bali is exceptionally well known among the vacationer everywhere throughout the world.

Feel the difficulties as you trek through the dimness and achieve the top to appreciate the stunning dawn.

This is a twofold treat for the photography sweethearts where they can click some astonishing photos of the dawn and the environment.

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