Nusa Penida Day Trip with Manta Rays Snorkeling

Looking for an amazing day trip to Nusa Penida? Look no further than the Nusa Penida Day Trip with Snorkeling! On this best-selling Nusa Penida tour from Bali, we offer you a gateway to a world of awe-inspiring beauty and captivating experiences. Embrace the chance to swim with manta rays and even come face-to-face with a turtle.

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Your adventure begins with an unparalleled opportunity to explore the underwater world of this idyllic island. The Nusa Penida Day Trip with Snorkeling is your key to unlocking the secrets of the crystal-clear waters that surround Nusa Penida. Dive into an aquatic wonderland where vibrant marine life thrives, and you'll find yourself swimming alongside magnificent manta rays, their elegant dance a sight to behold.

But the Nusa Penida Day Trip is not just about the underwater wonders. It's an invitation to explore the dramatic landscapes that define this paradise. Stand at the edge of cliffs that frame the ocean's horizon, marvel at the mesmerizing Broken Beach, witness the artistry of Angel's Billabong, and the iconic Kelingking Beach, where a T-Rex shaped cliff formation stands as a testament to nature's exquisite artistry.

Are you ready to set sail on a voyage of discovery? Your Nusa Penida odyssey awaits – secure your spot on the Nusa Penida Day Trip with Snorkeling and prepare to immerse yourself in a realm of astonishing beauty and boundless adventure.

Tour Itinerary

Hop on a fast boat from Sanur and sail to Nusa Penida, where awe-inspiring landscapes and secluded beaches await your discovery. Feel the salty breeze on your face as you cruise through the sparkling waters of the Bali Sea.

  • 06.00 AM — Depart from your hotel and head to the harbor for a scenic speedboat journey to Nusa Penida.
  • 07.30 AM — Arrive at Sanur beach
  • You’ll hop on a high speed boat to the paradise island of Nusa Penida.
  • 08.30 AM — Arrive at Nusa Penida Island
  • Admire the beauty of Nusa Penida harbor with stunning views and start your tour
  • 09.00 AM — Snorkeling at Crystal Bay, Gamat Bay, Manta Bay
  • Witness the fantastic marine life inside the pristine seas encircling at all of the iconic snorkel spots in Nusa Penida.
  • 11.00 AM — Finish snorkeling
  • Shower and change your clothes
  • 12.00 PM — Lunch at Local Resto
  • Recharge with a delightful lunch at a local restaurant. Savor traditional Balinese cuisine while enjoying views of the island.
  • 01.30 PM — Arrive at Angel’s Billabong
  • Swim in the crystal clear waters of a natural infinity pool facing a mighty ocean.
  • 02.00 PM — Arrive at Broken Beach
  • Explore massive archway that wraps around the bay with little cove on natural bay.
  • 03.00 PM — Arrive at Kelingking Beach viewpoints
  • Discover multiple viewpoints around the edge of the cliffs, offering spectacular views up and down the coastline of Nusa Penida.
  • 04.45 PM — Return back to the Nusa Penida harbor
  • Enjory the sunset during you fast boat back to Sanur beach.
  • 05.30 PM — Arrive at Sanur
  • Arrive at Sanur port and travel back to your hotel

Nusa Penida Day Trip Details

As the sun ascends over Bali's horizon, your day is set in motion with a convenient pick-up from your Bali accommodation, marking the beginning of an unforgettable adventure.

nusa penida day trip with snorkeling

Step aboard a swift boat from Sanur and journey to Nusa Penida, a tropical paradise where awe-inspiring landscapes and secluded beaches await your exploration.

nusa penida snorkeling

Upon your arrival in this idyllic paradise, you'll be introduced to our expert snorkeling guide, who will whisk you away to explore three renowned snorkeling sites: Crystal Bay, Gamat Bay, and Manta Bay.

nusa penida snorkeling

A specially designed boat will serve as your vessel of discovery, guided by an expert who takes joy in revealing the treasures that lie beneath the surface. Brace yourself for a breathtaking journey, as you're immersed in the pristine waters adorned with thriving corals, and prepare for unforgettable rendezvous with the majestic Manta Rays that call this underwater realm home.

nusa penida day trip

Before taking the plunge, a brief but crucial introduction awaits – a responsible marine interaction guide. With this insight, your snorkeling escapade commences in Manta Bay's crystalline waters. Marvel at the elegant spectacle of majestic manta rays gracefully navigating the sea. Join these gentle giants in their aquatic habitat, a fleeting yet enchanting encounter that reveals the mesmerizing allure of the underwater realm.

gamat bay snorkeling

Your aquatic journey continues to Gamat Bay, an underwater oasis teeming with life and colors that rival the most vibrant of palettes. As you descend into this underwater realm, you'll find yourself surrounded by a kaleidoscope of marine creatures and coral formations.

The vibrant underwater world of Gamat Bay presents a spectacle that captures the imagination and stirs the soul. It's a moment of tranquility and wonder, an opportunity to connect with the natural beauty that lies beneath the waves.

nusa penida day trip

Glistening like a jewel, Crystal Bay invites you with its pristine waters and thriving underwater world. Submerge yourself in this aquatic wonderland, embraced by intricate coral formations and inquisitive marine residents. A haven for both snorkelers and nature aficionados, it promises an idyllic paradise of exploration and enchantment.

crystal bay snorkeling

There are many nice vаriety of tropical reef fish. Vеry often seeing big рelagic ѕрeсies such as manta ray, Mola-mola, sharks, tunas or giant trevallies. Great macro photography opportunities in the shallow areas as there are many critters (frogfish, seahorse, nudibranches, etc.) hiding in thе coral reef.

nusa penida day trip

Recharge your energy with a scrumptious lunch at a local restaurant. Savor authentic Indonesian flavors and fresh seafood dishes that will tantalize your taste buds.

After lunch the guide will take you to Broken Beach locally name Pasih Uug is one of the top picturesque destinations on Nusa Penida, Bali, and is a great spot for travel photographers and panoramic view seekers.

nusa penida day trip

Where there are reach of cliffs 50-200 meters high. Cliff circular shape and the middle forming holes like caves or tunnels sea. The sea water as if caught in the middle of the cliff that makes it seem a big pond.

Broken Beach has big natural pool, with about a hundred meters in diameter, created by sea abrasion and collapsed limestone hill in million years ago. This hole has 98 meter in diameter and offering unique and scenic view.

nusa penida day trip

Incredible views like heaven on earth where in a middle of a cliff there is a circular hole and tunnels that penetrate directly to the sea, with breathtaking views of the ocean and the cliffs.

nusa penida day trip

This mesmerising place, you can't find a beach like this in any parts of this world, except on Nusa Penida Island in Bali.

Continue the trip to Angel's Billabong is another popular attractions on Nusa Penida with natural infinity pool is framed by rock cliffs and hangs out over the ocean overlooking Manta Point Beach.

nusa penida day trip

The naturally formed rock lagoon offers a scenic seascape. With its emerald hues and crystalline waters, the Angel’s Billabong is the epitome of stunning.

You can descend into its crystal-clear rock pools for a swim or a soak, but only during low tide.

nusa penida day trip

There are a number of viewpoints of Angels Billabong, however most of the visitors is going down in the infinity pool itself. When you reach in the infinity pool itself you will see the water is clear as crystal with its emerald hues.

nusa penida day trip

Conclude your island trip at Kelingking Beach , where you'll be awestruck by the iconic T-Rex shaped cliff and the pristine white sandy beach below. Nestled on Nusa Penida's rugged coast, Kelingking Beach is a striking testament to nature's artistry. With its dramatic cliffs, powdery sands, and turquoise waters, this iconic destination captivates adventurers and nature lovers alike.

nusa penida day trip

As you stand atop the cliff, a panorama of natural wonder unfolds before your eyes. The panoramic vista encompasses not only the sweeping coastline but also the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean. It's a sight that demands a moment of silent reverence, inviting you to appreciate the sheer grandeur of Earth's beauty.

nusa penida day trip

While the view from above is undeniably captivating, the journey down to Kelingking Beach offers an adventure of its own. A rugged path winds its way towards the shoreline, promising an adrenaline-pumping trek that rewards your efforts with an up-close encounter with the beach's pristine sands and inviting waters.

nusa penida day trip

Kelingking Beach is a haven for photographers and Instagram enthusiasts alike. Every angle, every perspective, presents a frame-worthy shot that captures the essence of this coastal masterpiece. Whether it's the imposing cliffs, the contrasting hues of the ocean, or the serenity of the beach, each snapshot is a testament to the indelible beauty that graces this corner of the world.

nusa penida tour

As the sun starts its gentle descent, the boat ride back to Bali offers a serene moment for reflection. The memories created and the beauty witnessed weave into the fabric of your personal journey. Returning to Bali's shores, a sense of fulfillment and gratitude envelops you for the incredible adventure you've embraced.

So why wait any longer? Book now Nusa Penida Day Trip with Snorkeling and let the wonders of Nusa Penida's embrace transform your experience into cherished memories.

How To Book?

Kindly send us a message on WhatsApp at +62811387010. Or simply click on this link BOOK HERE and you will be instantly connected to our friendly team who will assist you with all the details, answer your questions, and guide you through the booking process.

Alternatively, fill out the form bellow with your details, preferred tour date, number of participants, and any special requests.

Once submitted, our team will promptly get in touch to confirm your booking along with itinerary details. Whichever method you choose, we're here to ensure your booking experience is seamless and that you're well-prepared for an incredible adventure on the enchanting West Nusa Penida Island.

What's Included

Every aspect of our Nusa Penida Day Trip with Snorkeling has been meticulously curated to ensure your utmost comfort and delight. From the moment you step out of your Bali accommodation to the moment you return, we have taken care of every detail to ensure a seamless and enriching experience.

  • Private round-trip transportation from your hotel
  • Round-trip fast boat tickets (Express pass - no waiting in line for tickets)
  • Private car with A/C on the island.
  • All entrance fees to attractions mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Snorkeling Guide and Equipment
  • Authentic Balinese lunch at a local restaurant.
  • Notes: We can usually cater to vegan and vegetarian dietary preferences. Please let us know in advance so we can arrange suitable meal options for you.

From the moment you step onto the boat to your return to Bali, every element of our Nusa Penida Day Trip with Snorkeling is designed to create a seamless, enriching, and unforgettable adventure. Join us and let us take care of the details while you immerse yourself in the wonders of this captivating island.

What to Bring

When embarking on the all-inclusive Nusa Penida Day Trip with Snorkeling, it's important to be prepared for a day of exploration, adventure, and immersion in nature. Here's a checklist of essential items to bring along to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience:

  • Be ready to jump into the pristine waters, so don't forget your swimsuit or swim trunks.
  • A lightweight and quick-drying towel is essential for drying off after your snorkeling sessions.
  • Consider wearing a swimsuit under your clothes for easy access to water-based activities.
  • Choose comfortable walking shoes or sturdy sandals with good grip, as some locations may involve uneven terrain or short hikes.
  • Protect yourself from the tropical sun with a wide-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses.
  • Apply and reapply sunscreen with a high SPF to shield your skin from the strong sun rays.
  • Capture the breathtaking sights and moments of your journey with a camera or smartphone.
  • If you have any prescription medications or essential medical items, make sure to keep them with you.

Remember that the Nusa Penida Day Trip with Snorkeling is designed to offer you a hassle-free and enjoyable experience, so you can focus on making incredible memories in this tropical paradise.

Know Before You Go

Before you set off on your Nusa Penida Day Trip with Snorkeling, it's essential to be well-prepared and well-informed for a truly unforgettable adventure. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you make the most of your experience:

  • Firstly, it's important to understand that manta rays are wild animals that move freely in their natural habitat. They are not kept in captivity or trained to perform, which means that sightings are entirely dependent on their movements and behaviors. Therefore, it is impossible to guarantee that you will see manta rays during your tour.
  • Keep in mind that Nusa Penida is still a fairly undeveloped island and lacks infrastructure. Some destinations require navigating bumpy dirt roads and even small pathways. Please consider this factor before booking the tour.
  • Review the physical requirements of the tour to ensure they match your fitness level. Some activities may involve walking, hiking, or other physical exertion.
  • Ensure your camera or smartphone is fully charged and has sufficient storage space for capturing the stunning sights and moments of your tour.
  • Approach the tour with an open heart and a positive mindset. Embrace new experiences, immerse yourself in the local culture, and savor every moment.

By arming yourself with this knowledge before embarking on your Nusa Penida Day Trip with Snorkeling, you'll be well-prepared for a seamless, enriching, and truly memorable adventure. Please remember that the times mentioned on the tour itinerary above are subject to change due to local conditions.

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