Tegenungan Waterfall: Visitor's Guide 2023-2024 Updates

Nestled amidst the lush, tropical landscapes that define Bali's allure, the magnificent Tegenungan Waterfall emerges as a truly captivating natural wonder. Its presence beckons to all who yearn for a tranquil escape, inviting them to immerse themselves in the embrace of nature's pristine beauty.

With an awe-inspiring cascade of crystalline water plunging into a tranquil pool below, and its surroundings adorned with an abundance of verdant foliage, Tegenungan Waterfall has earned its rightful place as a must-visit destination for both the local community and tourists from across the globe.

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In this Latest Visitor's Guide [2023-2024] Update, we embark on a journey that promises to unveil every facet of Tegenungan Waterfall's timeless charm. From essential practical insights on accessing this haven of beauty to identifying the optimal moments for a visit, our exploration leaves no detail unattended.

What to Expect

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting allure of Tegenungan Waterfall—a tranquil oasis that offers a harmonious escape from the urban clamor. As you approach, a majestic cascade gracefully descends into a serene pool below, a mesmerizing sight that blends seamlessly with the lush green embrace of nature.

Tegenungan Waterfall

The symphony of gentle waters harmonizing with the rustling leaves creates a soothing soundscape that complements the visual spectacle. The air is adorned with a cool mist, and the refreshing waters beckon, inviting you to experience the perfect blend of invigorating adventure and serene relaxation. The chance to immerse yourself in the rejuvenating pool ensures that your visit transcends into a memorable journey of the senses.

How to Get There

To reach Tegenungan Waterfall, you can hire a private driver, take a taxi, or use a ride-sharing app. It's situated in the Gianyar Regency, just a short drive from Ubud. The journey itself is a scenic route through Bali's picturesque landscapes, providing glimpses of local life along the way.

Entrance Fee

As of our most recent update in August 2023, the entrance fee for Tegenungan Waterfall is generally around 20,000 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) or approximately USD 1.30 for adults. Children usually enjoy reduced fees, making it a family-friendly experience. Additionally, there is a parking fee of approximately IDR 5,000.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Tegenungan Waterfall largely depends on your preferences and what kind of experience you're seeking. Both the morning and afternoon offer unique charms.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Visiting Tegenungan Waterfall in the morning allows you to experience the serene beauty of the waterfall as the day begins. The air is usually crisp, and the surroundings are relatively quieter, providing a peaceful ambiance. The morning light can create a soft and ethereal glow, making it a great time for photography. It's an ideal choice if you enjoy a tranquil and less crowded atmosphere.

Tegenungan Waterfall

In the afternoon, the sunlight often illuminates the waterfall with a warm and vibrant hue, enhancing the visual appeal of the cascading waters. As the day progresses, more visitors might arrive, generating a livelier atmosphere. This can be a wonderful time if you enjoy a bit more energy around you and want to engage with fellow travelers.

Guided Tours

For a truly seamless and enriched encounter with Tegenungan Waterfall, consider the Bali Day Tours option. These guided tours have been meticulously designed to ensure an effortless and captivating visit, allowing you to focus solely on the wonders that await.

Beyond basic transportation, these Tours in Bali provide a wealth of knowledge, connecting the dots between history, culture, and the allure of this natural gem.

Address and Google Map Location

Tegenungan Waterfall, a picturesque natural marvel, graces the landscapes of Bali, Indonesia. Situated in the charming Tegenungan Kemenuh village within the Sukawati region of the Gianyar Regency, this enchanting waterfall offers a serene escape into the heart of nature's beauty.

You can find the exact location of Tegenungan Waterfall on Google Maps by searching for "Tegenungan Waterfall" or "Air Terjun Tegenungan." or by using the following coordinates:

  • Latitude: -8.5751
  • Longitude: 115.29074

Navigating to Tegenungan Waterfall is effortless with the power of Google Maps. Using this reliable tool, you can chart a seamless course from your current location to the enchanting Tegenungan Waterfall. Let technology be your guide, ensuring your journey is smooth, convenient, and filled with the excitement of exploration.


While the centerpiece of Tegenungan Waterfall is undoubtedly its enchanting cascade, the surrounding landscape unfolds a tapestry of additional delights that enhance your visit in remarkable ways. Prepare to be captivated by these highlights that go beyond the surface, adding layers of depth to your Tegenungan experience.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Embark on picturesque walking paths that wind through the lush surroundings. As you stroll, the rustling leaves and gentle murmurs of water create a harmonious backdrop, guiding you to new vantage points that offer fresh perspectives of the waterfall's splendor.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Immerse yourself in the local culture by exploring traditional Balinese art shops. These charming establishments showcase the craftsmanship that Bali is renowned for, allowing you to bring a piece of the island's artistic spirit home with you.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Indulge in the flavors of Bali by savoring local cuisine. The area around Tegenungan Waterfall boasts eateries that offer a tantalizing array of dishes, from traditional Balinese specialties to international fare, ensuring that your palate is as enriched as your soul.

Engage with the local community and gain insights into their way of life. Interactions with the warm-hearted locals provide glimpses into their traditions and customs, fostering a meaningful connection that transcends the boundaries of a typical tourist experience.

Tegenungan Waterfall

For photography enthusiasts, Tegenungan Waterfall's surroundings are a treasure trove of visual opportunities. Capture Instagram-worthy shots against the backdrop of natural beauty, creating lasting memories that you can share with the world.

Tegenungan Waterfall

As you plan your visit to Tegenungan Waterfall, remember that the journey extends far beyond the cascade itself. These highlights are woven into the fabric of the landscape, inviting you to delve deeper and create an experience that resonates on multiple levels.

Photography Opportunity

For photographers, Tegenungan Waterfall is a realm of endless inspiration. The magnificence of the waterfall presents a canvas for capturing its essence through the lens. From wide-angle frames that encapsulate the grandeur of the cascade to intricate close-ups that reveal the intricate details of water droplets, the photographic possibilities are boundless.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Whether you're a professional photographer or simply a lover of stunning visuals, Tegenungan Waterfall provides a playground of creative opportunities. Each shot encapsulates the unique allure of this natural landmark, allowing you to preserve your memories and share the beauty with others. As you bask in the serenity of the waterfall, don't forget to capture its magic through your camera lens, immortalizing the moments of wonder you encounter.

Bathing Opportunity

Among the myriad of experiences that Tegenungan Waterfall offers, a truly exceptional one awaits – the opportunity to immerse yourself in its inviting waters. The natural pool that forms at the base of the waterfall beckons as a refreshing oasis, extending an invitation to unwind and escape the warmth of Bali's tropical climate. The crystal-clear waters provide a soothing retreat, offering not only respite but also a chance to connect intimately with nature.

Tegenungan Waterfall

As the cascade's cool waters envelop you, the cares of the world seem to dissipate, replaced by a sense of tranquility and renewal. Whether you're seeking a peaceful moment of solitude or a playful dip with friends and family, the bathing opportunity at Tegenungan Waterfall promises a rejuvenating experience that lingers long after you've left its embrace.

Best Hotels and Nearby Attractions

For those seeking an extended stay, there are numerous hotels and accommodations available in Ubud and the surrounding areas, catering to various preferences and budgets.

  1. Tegenungan Hill Cottage: Nestled in the vicinity of the waterfall, this cottage-style accommodation offers a serene retreat with comfortable rooms, lush surroundings, and easy access to Tegenungan Waterfall.
  2. Ubud Green Resort Villas: Located a short drive away, this resort offers spacious villas with modern amenities and stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. It's a tranquil oasis for relaxation.
  3. Alaya Resort Ubud: Situated in the heart of Ubud, this upscale resort offers a blend of Balinese charm and modern luxury. It's a short distance from Tegenungan Waterfall and provides a variety of amenities and services.
  4. The Sankara Resort by Pramana: This stylish resort presents a combination of modern comfort and Balinese aesthetics. It offers serene surroundings, a pool, and spa facilities for a relaxing stay.

These nearby hotels provide a range of options to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you're seeking a tranquil escape, upscale luxury, or a convenient location, these accommodations can enhance your experience while exploring Tegenungan Waterfall and its surroundings.

Please note that availability and amenities may vary, so it's recommended to check with the hotels directly for the most up-to-date information and to make reservations.

Nearby Attractions

Tegenungan Waterfall's strategic location in close proximity to Ubud opens the door to a plethora of captivating nearby attractions. Elevate your Bali experience by venturing beyond the waterfall and discovering these enriching destinations that await your exploration.

  • Tegallalang Rice Terraces: Immerse yourself in the iconic Tegallalang Rice Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These terraces offer breathtaking vistas of meticulously cultivated rice fields, showcasing the artistic and agricultural prowess of the local community.
  • Ubud Monkey Forest: Embark on an adventure in the Ubud Monkey Forest, a sanctuary that's not only a natural habitat for monkeys but also an embodiment of Balinese culture. Wander through ancient temples and lush landscapes as you observe the playful inhabitants.
  • Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave): Uncover the mysteries of Goa Gajah, an ancient archaeological site featuring intricate carvings and a stone meditation cave. This historic gem offers a glimpse into Bali's rich cultural heritage.
  • Pura Taman Saraswati: Immerse yourself in the artistic and spiritual ambiance of Pura Taman Saraswati. This water temple is adorned with lotus ponds and intricate carvings, serving as a testament to Bali's devotion to beauty and harmony.
  • Ubud Art Market: Delve into the vibrant arts and crafts scene of Ubud at the Ubud Art Market. Here, you can find an array of handicrafts, textiles, jewelry, and souvenirs that showcase Bali's artistic prowess.

Exploring these nearby attractions alongside your visit to Tegenungan Waterfall allows you to dive deeper into Bali's cultural tapestry and natural beauty. Each destination offers a unique facet of the island's charm, enriching your journey with a diverse range of experiences.

As you embark on this enriching adventure, be prepared to be captivated by the harmonious blend of tradition, artistry, and nature that defines the essence of Bali.

Travel Tips for a Memorable Tegenungan Waterfall Adventure

Embarking on a journey to Tegenungan Waterfall and its surrounding wonders is a captivating experience. To ensure your adventure is smooth, enjoyable, and unforgettable, consider these travel tips:

  1. Timing Matters: Opt for a visit during the dry season (April to September) for the best waterfall experience. Morning and afternoon visits offer different charms, so choose the time that aligns with your preferences.
  2. Pack Essentials: Don't forget to bring sunscreen, insect repellent, a hat, and comfortable footwear for walking. A rain jacket or umbrella can also come in handy during sudden showers.
  3. Hydration and Snacks: Stay hydrated by carrying a reusable water bottle. Additionally, bring some snacks to keep your energy up during your explorations.
  4. Respect Local Customs: When interacting with locals or visiting temples, dress modestly and be respectful of local customs and traditions.
  5. Stay Hydrated: Bali's tropical climate can be dehydrating. Drink plenty of water to stay refreshed throughout your journey.
  6. Guided Tours: Consider joining a guided tour for insights and convenience. Our Bali Tours offers curated experiences that enhance your understanding of the area.
  7. Capture the Moments: Bring your camera or smartphone to capture the breathtaking beauty of Tegenungan Waterfall and its surroundings. Don't forget to also take some time to appreciate the scenery without the lens.
  8. Cash and Currency: While some places accept credit cards, it's a good idea to carry some local currency (Indonesian Rupiah) for small purchases and entrance fees.
  9. Environmental Consciousness: Respect the environment by not leaving any waste behind. Dispose of trash properly and be mindful of your impact on the natural surroundings.
  10. Plan Ahead: Check the latest information about entrance fees, opening hours, and other details before your visit to ensure a seamless experience.

By embracing these travel tips, you're setting the stage for an enriching and immersive journey to Tegenungan Waterfall and the treasures that surround it. As you delve into the natural beauty and cultural wonders of Bali, may your adventure be filled with discovery, connection, and cherished memories.


Tegenungan Waterfall stands as a testament to the captivating allure of Bali's natural wonders and cultural riches. From the breathtaking sight of the cascading water to the tranquil embrace of its surroundings, a journey to this enchanting destination guarantees an indelible experience.

Whether your quest is for adventure, rejuvenation, or an immersion in nature's embrace, Tegenungan Waterfall unfailingly delivers on every front, gifting you with enduring memories of Bali's remarkable landscapes.

Tegenungan Waterfall

As you stand in awe of the majestic cascade and the serenity that envelops it, you're reminded of the profound beauty that exists in perfect harmony with the island's cultural heritage. Whether you're a solo traveler, a couple seeking romance, or a family in search of connection, Tegenungan Waterfall opens its doors to welcome you into an unforgettable chapter of exploration and wonder.

Embrace the cascade's embrace, indulge in the lush surroundings, and carry the essence of this extraordinary destination with you as you continue your journey through the tapestry of Bali's offerings.


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We are passionate about sharing the enchanting experiences that Bali has to offer, and Tegenungan Waterfall holds a special place as one of our most treasured highlights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tegenungan Waterfall and why is it popular in Bali?

Tegenungan Waterfall is a stunning natural wonder located in Bali, Indonesia. Its captivating cascade and lush surroundings make it a popular destination for both locals and tourists seeking to connect with nature's beauty.

What are the highlights of Tegenungan Waterfall's surroundings?

Apart from the waterfall, you can explore picturesque walking paths, interact with the local community, discover Balinese art shops, enjoy local cuisine, and capture Instagram-worthy shots of the natural beauty.

Can I swim at Tegenungan Waterfall?

Yes, Tegenungan Waterfall offers a unique bathing opportunity. The inviting pool at the base of the waterfall allows visitors to take a refreshing dip in its clear waters, providing a natural oasis to cool off from Bali's tropical heat.

Is photography allowed at Tegenungan Waterfall?

Absolutely! Tegenungan Waterfall is a photographer's paradise. You're welcome to capture the waterfall's beauty through your camera lens, from wide-angle shots to intricate close-ups.

What amenities are available at Tegenungan Waterfall?

Facilities include restrooms, small cafes, and stalls selling snacks and souvenirs. The area is well-maintained, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable visit..

How do I get to Tegenungan Waterfall from popular areas like Ubud?

From Ubud, you can easily access Tegenungan Waterfall by car or scooter. You can also join guided tours that provide transportation and local insights.

What's the entrance fee for Tegenungan Waterfall?

As of our last update in August 2023, the entrance fee is around 20,000 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) or approximately USD 1.30 for adults, with reduced fees for children. Additionally, there's a parking fee of IDR 5,000.

Are there any travel tips for visiting Tegenungan Waterfall?

Stay hydrated, pack essentials like sunscreen and rain gear, and consider joining a guided tour for insights and convenience. Respect local customs and remember to capture the beauty through your camera lens.

Is Tegenungan Waterfall worth visiting?

Absolutely. Tegenungan Waterfall is worth a visit for its captivating natural beauty, serene surroundings, and the opportunity to swim in its inviting pool. It offers a unique blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural enrichment, making it a must-see destination in Bali.

What makes Tegenungan Waterfall special?

Tegenungan Waterfall is renowned for its captivating cascade that plunges into a serene pool, surrounded by lush greenery. Its accessibility from popular areas like Ubud makes it a must-visit destination.

What are the best times to visit Tegenungan Waterfall?

The dry season (April to September) is ideal for visiting when the water flow is at its strongest. Mornings and afternoons offer different atmospheres, so choose the time that suits your preferences.

What is the history behind Tegenungan Waterfall?

Tegenungan Waterfall carries a history rooted in Balinese culture and nature worship. It has been a local sanctuary and a source of inspiration for generations, reflecting the island's reverence for its natural beauty.

Are there facilities for changing clothes at the waterfall?

While changing rooms might not be available directly at the waterfall, some nearby cafes or stalls may offer basic facilities. It's advisable to wear appropriate swimwear under your clothing if you plan to take a dip.

Is Tegenungan Waterfall suitable for families with children?

Yes, Tegenungan Waterfall is family-friendly. Children can enjoy the refreshing pool, and the serene ambiance provides a relaxing environment. However, always supervise children while near water for safety.

Can I visit Tegenungan Waterfall during the rainy season?

While the dry season (April to September) is recommended for the best waterfall experience, you can visit during the rainy season too. The water flow might be stronger, creating a more dramatic sight, but rain showers are common, so be prepared.

What cultural etiquettes should I observe during my visit?

As with any place in Bali, dress modestly when interacting with locals or entering temples nearby. Be respectful of local customs and traditions to ensure a harmonious experience during your visit to Tegenungan Waterfall.

Can I reach the waterfall by public transportation?

While public transportation options are limited, you can easily reach Tegenungan Waterfall by renting a scooter or hiring a taxi. Guided tours also provide convenient transportation options.

Are there any safety precautions to keep in mind while visiting the waterfall?

Safety is paramount. Pay attention to signs, stay within designated areas, and avoid slippery rocks. Keep valuables secure and be cautious when swimming. Follow the guidance of local authorities and guides.

Can I visit Tegenungan Waterfall during the early morning for photography?

Yes, visiting early in the morning offers soft lighting and fewer crowds, making it a great time for photography. Capture the waterfall's beauty in the gentle morning glow.

How can I connect with the local community during my visit?

Engaging with local vendors, trying local dishes, and supporting artisans by purchasing their crafts are ways to connect with the community. Respectful interactions can lead to meaningful exchanges and cultural insights.

Can I visit Tegenungan Waterfall on a spontaneous trip, or should I book in advance?

While spontaneous visits are possible, booking in advance is recommended, especially for guided tours. This ensures availability and allows you to plan your visit more efficiently.

What types of wildlife can I encounter near Tegenungan Waterfall?

The lush surroundings offer opportunities to spot various bird species and tropical flora. You might also come across butterflies and other small creatures that add to the natural charm of the area.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to Tegenungan Waterfall?

Yes, you're welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks to enjoy during your visit. However, be mindful of disposing of waste properly and maintaining the cleanliness of the area.

Is Tegenungan Waterfall wheelchair-accessible?

While Tegenungan Waterfall has pathways leading to viewpoints, the terrain might pose challenges for wheelchair users. It's advisable to contact the authorities or tour operators for specific accessibility information.

How can I capture the best photographs of Tegenungan Waterfall?

To capture stunning photographs, consider using a wide-angle lens to encompass the waterfall's grandeur. Experiment with different angles, shutter speeds, and settings to capture the cascading water's movement and the serene surroundings.

How long is the walk to Tegenungan Waterfall?

The walk to Tegenungan Waterfall in Bali, Indonesia, can vary in length depending on where you start. If you park at the official parking area or get dropped off near the entrance, the walk is relatively short, about 5-10 minutes, to reach the waterfall. However, the path is steep and can be quite strenuous, especially in hot weather, so it’s important to wear comfortable shoes and stay hydrated.

Is Tegenungan Waterfall worth visiting?

Absolutely, Tegenungan Waterfall can be seen as worth visiting for those who appreciate a combination of scenic beauty, cultural experiences, and the convenience of accessibility. The opportunity to engage with local culture through shops, cafes, and art displays, alongside the natural allure of the waterfall itself, makes it a popular destination. However, it's essential for potential visitors to weigh these benefits against the drawbacks of crowds and commercialization, and to consider their preferences for a travel experience. For those who value a blend of nature and culture and don’t mind sharing the experience with others, a visit to Tegenungan Waterfall can be thoroughly rewarding.

How many steps are there in Tegenungan Waterfall?

Visitors to Tegenungan Waterfall typically have to descend a significant number of steps to reach the base of the waterfall. While I don't have the exact count of the steps, it’s often noted that there are around 165 steps to navigate. However, keep in mind that the actual number might vary slightly depending on the specific path taken, and new steps or paths may have been added or modified since August 2023. Visitors should be prepared for a steep and potentially strenuous climb, especially on the way back up, and wear comfortable and sturdy footwear.