Teletubbies Hill (Bukit Teletubbies) in Nusa Penida

Epic wedding photo-shoot locations, and the most Instagram-med spot in Bali

Teletubbies Hill or (Indonesian: Bukit Teletubies) is the latest a photography hotspot in Nusa Penida, and now became popular as the prewedding photoshoot location of Bali.

Here you can see from the hill of green slopes that embellish these slopes and the separation between the adjoining slopes is a half circle.

teletubbies hill

With mounds and indentations on hills that resemble small mountains with beautiful lanscapes with green grasses like Teletubbies films that make this hill dubbed Bukit Teletubbies.

Where the air is very fresh, you can relax and escape from your busyness, of course, make you feel peaceful and all the problems lost.

So if you’re heading east in Nusa Penida Island and wish to visitTe letubbies Hill, here’s everything you need to know :

What to Expect Teletubbies Hill

Teletubbies Hill has very attractive landscape with an undulating pasture covered in verdant green grass,ferns, and lavender.

This place is perfect for visitors looking for somewhere remote, natural and simple, away from urban life.

bukit teletubbies

Deep exploration can be done by following the pathway around the hill to sense the natural wonder.

Walking around and touching or just contemplate the expanse of nature could conjure your mind.

And from the top of the Teletubbies Hill visitor can also see the houses-houses that look small from the height and beautifull views of the blue ocean visible from a distance.

Teletubbies Hill Address & Map Location

Teletubbies Hill located in the village of Tanglad, Nusa Penida Subdistrict, Bali. Approximately 25 kilometers from the Kutampi Village and Ship Harbor to the east.

Here is an accurate position of Teletubbies Hill (Bukit Teletubbies) on the Google map

How to Get to Teletubbies Hill

Getting to Teletubbies Hill (Bukit Teletubbies) you should go to Nusa Penida Island, which can be reached just 40 – 50minutes by crossing Badung Strait with a speed boat from from Bali mainland.

Or if you’re staying on Nusa Lembongan or Ceningan, you can catch a boat across from the Yellow Bridge.

fast boat to nusa penida

The speed boat ticket is 175,000 IDR per person for each way, and can be bought at the pier and leave at least once a day starting.

Regular speed boat services operate daily between Nusa Penida and Sanur in South Bali as well as between Nusa Penida and Kusamba and Padang Bai in East Bali.

The journey takes 30 to 45 minutes depending on the weather and the swell—in inclement weather this can be a rough trip.

In Sanur boats depart from the end of Jalan Hang Tuah to various destinations in Nusa Penida, depending on the company.

Note that boats depart directly from the beach in Sanur and don’t use a pier so you will need to wade, generally up to about knee-depth, but sometimes more, up to the back of the boat and climb the steps into the boat.

If you are mobility-impaired or not comfortable getting onto a boat in this manner, someone will need to carry you. In rough seas injuries do happen, so take care.

There are public ferry Padang Bai in East Bali, and the cost is much cheaper then speed boat, but taking around 2 hours the reach the island.

A passenger ferry ticket is 31,000 IDR per person for each way and can be purchased at 10:00 am inside the building marked "Loket".

From the harbor you can scooter for 75,000 IDR a day but be ready for bumpy road and many hole to avoid and this take more energy. As long as you enjoying riding motorbike and no rush you will fine.

Teletubbies Hill Entrance Fee

There is no entrance fee required to visit Teletubbies Hill, and you can visit this places at anytime and for free.

You can enjoy the green landscape from all sides while in the viewing post. Usually, visitors are willing to come to the viewing post to take pictures with beautiful backgrounds while enjoying the scenery and cool weather.

Best Time to visit Bukit Teletubbies

Best time to visit Teletubbies Hill in Nusa Penida is during the morning and evening because amid the day must be hot and here there is no haven from the sun.

The hills got this surprising moniker as their shape is said to look like those of the rotund creatures in the children’s cartoon and this makes a great spot if you want to get away from the beach for a day and explore the interior of the island.

You can trek up into the hills and take in the idyllic surroundings that provide views across lush emerald green terraces.

Teletubbies Hill History

This hill used to be called as gamal hill’s because many people who plant gamal tree on this hill. It uses as animal feed.

People called Teletubbies Hill or Bukit Teletubbies because the contour of the hill so green, neat, and quiet.

teletubbies hill

And the name is a reference to the rounded green hills that were home to the fuzzy aliens from the children’s television program.

Composed without terraces. Much like Teletubbyland playground in the TV series Teletubbies. 

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