Munduk Waterfall in Bali

Munduk Waterfall is probably the most famous waterfall in north Bali. The flow of water and the height from which that water drops is impressive. Located within lush and forested central-northern highland region in the village Munduk, Banjar District, Buleleng regency. Moreover, the village of Munduk is one of Bali's most appealing mountain retreats. Tourists people come here to fund the authenticity of Bali ! Between montains, jungle and rice fields, there is all the wonderfull landscapes you ever dreamed of.

Munduk Waterfall

There two waterfalls in Munduk village, that is Munduk & Melanting Waterfall. However, people used to call both Munduk Waterfall. The waterfall is located about 1 km from Restaurant Ngiring Ngawedang. 15-meter high waterfall is located between coffee plantations population. From the parking lot, you have to walk as far as 246 meters to reach this waterfall.

You just walk down the path in between the coffee plantations to arrive in front of the waterfall. In addition to this waterfall there is a simple restaurant, if you're thirsty or hungry. Splashing water and birdsong are widely available around the falls create an atmosphere of calm and peace, making us feel at home playing the water in Munduk Waterfall.

The second waterfall, which Melanting Waterfall is higher than Munduk. It is located about 1 km from the first waterfall (Munduk). From Munduk continue on your drive to the north (Seririt) about 1 km until you arrive at a corner with a direction to the waterfall on the right road. Park the vehicle in the parking lot to the left of the road. Then you only walk 500 meters to reach the front of the waterfall. Munduk Waterfal is usually an included itinerary of Bali tour pacakage.

At an altitude of approximately 850m above sea level, the Munduk Waterfall neighbour local clove and coffee plantations that are also a sightseeing feature of this region. A famous plantation and resort here with luxury accommodation is the Munduk Moding Plantation, only half a kilometre southwest from the falls site. The best time to go on nature treks here is June to August, when it’s not too hot or drizzly.

How to get Munduk Waterfall ?

To get to Munduk Waterfall, travel around 75kms from Kuta area to Munduk Village. About 10 kilometers from Singaraja and just off the road which crosses the island from Singaraja in the north to Denpasar in the south. Its open to the public with entry costing IDR 10,000 for domestic tourists and IDR 20,000 for foreigners.

    Address:  Munduk Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng regency, Bali , Indonesia

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