Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Welcome to an extraordinary journey through the captivating island paradise of Bali, Indonesia. Our thoughtfully crafted Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights invites you to embark on a remarkable adventure that seamlessly weaves together exhilarating experiences, cultural immersion, and moments of serene relaxation.

Bali, often called the "Island of the Gods" and "Island of a Thousand Temples," beckons with its lush landscapes, vibrant heritage, pristine beaches, and warm hospitality.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

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  • US$ 430 per person (6+)
  • US$ 440 per person (Group of 4)
  • US$ 455 per person (Group of 2)
  • US$ 650 per person (3-star hotel)
  • US$ 695 per person (4-star hotel)
Explore Bali's wonders on a 10-day, 9-night journey. Delight in 4 serene nights in Ubud, savor 2 untouched nights in Nusa Penida, and thrive in 3 vibrant nights in Kuta/Seminyak.

During this immersive expedition, you'll have the privilege of exploring Bali's diverse tapestry, from its vibrant cultural traditions to its awe-inspiring natural beauty. Whether you crave thrilling escapades like river rafting and island hopping, yearn for contemplative moments at ancient temples, or simply desire to unwind on idyllic beaches, this tour package caters to every traveler's aspirations.

Our meticulously planned itinerary showcases Bali's most iconic landmarks and hidden treasures, all while providing you with comfortable accommodations and seamless logistics. Each day unfolds a new adventure, from the breathtaking Kintamani Volcano and exhilarating Bali Swing to the enchanting landscapes of Nusa Penida. There's also ample leisure time, allowing you to customize your Bali experience to reflect your personal preferences.

Package Overview

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we guide you through Bali's vibrant streets, terraced rice fields, crystalline waters, and sacred temples. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a culture connoisseur, an adventure seeker, or simply someone in search of a tranquil escape, Bali promises to captivate your heart and soul.

Prepare to embark on a 10-day odyssey filled with indelible memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. Let the magic of Bali unveil itself before you as you immerse yourself in its beauty, culture, and the genuine hospitality of its people. Your Bali Tour Package beckons, offering an experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.

How To Book?

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Alternatively, fill out the form bellow with your details, preferred tour date, number of participants, and any special requests.

Once submitted, our team will promptly get in touch to confirm your booking along with itinerary details. Whichever way you choose, we're committed to making your booking experience seamless and ensuring you're well-prepared for an amazing Bali getaway.

What's Included?

  • Return airport transfer on a private vehicle.
  • 9 nights stay in a well-appointed room at a selected hotel or resort in Bali.
  • Knowledgeable English-speaking driver/guide.
  • Private air-conditioned vehicle with driver for sightseeing and tours.
  • Daily breakfast at the hotel, lunches during tours, and some dinners as per the itinerary.
  • All entrance fees and tickets to attractions mentioned in the itinerary.

What To Expect

  • D-1. Bali Arrival: Embrace Ubud's Cultural Heart

Upon your arrival in Bali, our welcoming team will be present at the airport to extend a friendly greeting. Your journey will then continue as we transport you to your delightful hotel, nestled in the serene embrace of Ubud.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

After checking in, take a moment to unwind and immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere that characterizes this captivating destination. The rest of the day is yours to explore at your own pace, allowing you to fully absorb the enchanting surroundings.

  • D-2. East Bali Instagram Tour: Capturing Timeless Moments

Awaken to the promise of adventure and indulge in a hearty breakfast at your hotel, gearing up for a day that holds the allure of hidden treasures in East Bali's lush landscapes.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Our journey commences at Kanto Lampo Waterfall, a hidden gem whose tranquility rewards those who seek it. The soothing sounds of nature envelop you as you stand before this captivating cascade. Each click of your camera captures a moment of stillness and wonder, encapsulating the very essence of East Bali.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Next, we venture to the enchanting Tirta Gangga Water Palace—a realm where Balinese architecture and nature harmoniously converge. Ponds, fountains, and sculptures orchestrate a scene that embodies Bali's artistic legacy. Every angle frames Bali's aesthetics through your lens, inviting you to become part of its visual symphony.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Lunch at a local restaurant provides not only sustenance but an opportunity to savor the authentic flavors of Balinese cuisine, enriching your experience for the grand highlight that awaits.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Our journey then leads to the Taman Ujung Water Palace, a place where history and beauty entwine seamlessly. Reflecting in tranquil waters, its architecture exudes elegance. Each pathway and pavilion becomes a canvas, inviting you to capture a world where time stands still.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

The zenith of the tour unveils the renowned "Gate of Heaven" at Lempuyang Temple—a frame that has graced countless Instagram feeds for its captivating allure. Set against the backdrop of majestic Agung volcano, the temple's gate forms a composition that embodies Bali's spirituality and natural grace.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

As sunlight dances on the temple's entrance, an ethereal glow bathes its stone structure, transporting you to a realm where the past and present meld. The harmony of history, culture, and scenery culminate in a moment that transcends the ordinary, echoing the profound link between humanity and the natural world.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

As the sun sets, you'll return to your hotel with a heart brimming with memories and a camera roll filled with captivating snapshots. The East Bali Instagram Tour isn't just about capturing pictures; it's about seizing moments that endure beyond time, allowing you to relive Bali's enchantment whenever you revisit your feed.

  • D-3. Waterfall, Holy Spring Temple, Kintamani Volcano, Rice Terraces, & Jungle Swing

As the sun graces the sky, indulge in a delectable breakfast, meticulously crafted to tantalize your taste buds and invigorate your spirit for a day filled with cultural marvels and the captivating natural beauty that Bali is celebrated for.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Our journey starts at the majestic Tegenungan Waterfall, where you'll immerse yourself in the refreshing cascades amidst a lush tropical setting. The tranquil sounds of the water and the verdant surroundings envelop you in serenity, an experience that remains etched in your memory.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Next, we venture to the revered Tirta Empul Temple, a spiritual sanctuary known for its holy springs and traditional purification rituals. Engage in a profound purification experience, allowing the sacred waters to cleanse both your body and soul.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Journey deeper into Bali's essence with a visit to a local Coffee Plantation, where Bali's finest coffee and tea varieties await your palate. Savor the flavors and aromas of these exquisite beverages while learning about Bali's rich coffee culture.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Our path then ascends to the highlands of Kintamani, revealing breathtaking views of the Batur Volcano and its majestic caldera. The panoramic vistas of Lake Batur beneath the volcanic peaks captivate your senses, a testament to Bali's natural allure.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Indulge in a sumptuous buffet lunch amidst Kintamani's grandeur, savoring the symphony of Indonesian flavors against the backdrop of nature's breathtaking masterpiece.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Our adventure continues to the iconic Tegalalang Rice Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that showcases Bali's time-honored agricultural traditions. Be entranced by the captivating beauty of this natural wonder, where lush terraces weave a tapestry of nature's artistry.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Embark on a heart-pounding journey as you enter the realm of the iconic Jungle Swing! Brace yourself for an exhilarating experience and breathtaking vistas within Bali's terraced landscapes. Capture an unforgettable photo, forever preserving the rush of adrenaline and the beauty of the moment.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Conclude the day's odyssey with a heart full of memories, as you return to your accommodations, cherishing the essence of Bali's cultural charm that you've immersed yourself in throughout the day.

  • D-4. Ayung River Rafting and Ubud Tour

After indulging in a delectable breakfast at your hotel, get ready for a day that promises a thrilling river adventure and an immersive cultural experience in the heart of Ubud. The following itinerary highlights the best of what this enchanting region has to offer, from adrenaline-pumping activities to serene spiritual sites.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

As the morning sun casts its golden rays, our team will pick you up from your hotel to begin an unforgettable adventure on the Ayung River. The scenic drive to the riverbank sets the tone for what lies ahead.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Once at the river, you'll gear up for an exhilarating rafting journey through Bali's lush landscapes. The river's gentle currents and occasional rapids offer the perfect blend of excitement and serenity as you navigate through the stunning gorge.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Marvel at Bali's picturesque landscapes as you raft past lush rainforests, serene rice terraces, and towering waterfalls that create a captivating backdrop throughout the journey. Capture incredible memories against the backdrop of Bali's untouched beauty. The journey is peppered with numerous picture-perfect spots that are perfect for snapshots.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

After conquering the Ayung River's rapids and marveling at its beauty, it's time to refresh and recharge. Following your invigorating shower, relish a delicious lunch that offers a variety of Indonesian dishes, allowing you to savor the flavors of the region amidst the tranquil natural surroundings.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

With renewed energy, the cultural exploration continues in Ubud, often referred to as Bali's artistic and spiritual heart. Our first stop is the renowned Ubud Monkey Forest, a lush sanctuary that is home to a population of playful and mischievous long-tailed macaques.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

As you stroll through the forest's shaded pathways, you'll be captivated by the harmony between nature and these curious creatures. Be sure to have your camera ready to capture their endearing antics.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Next, we visit the iconic Saraswati Temple, a tranquil oasis in the heart of Ubud. Admire the stunning lotus pond that mirrors the temple's intricate architecture, providing a serene backdrop for your Instagram feed. Your guide will share the spiritual significance of this temple, allowing you to capture images that embody the essence of Bali's rich culture and heritage.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Continuing the journey, we'll explore the heart of Ubud's cultural scene. The Ubud Palace, or Puri Saren Agung, offers a glimpse into Bali's royal history with its traditional Balinese architecture and captivating dance performances.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Right across from the palace is the Ubud Market, a vibrant hub where local artisans display their masterpieces. From intricate textiles to wooden sculptures and traditional paintings, the market showcases Bali's artistic heritage.

As the day winds down, our team will accompany you back to your hotel, giving you the opportunity to reflect on the day's adventures and cultural discoveries.

  • D-5. West Nusa Penida Island Tour

Gear up for a day of exploration as we embark on an island-hopping adventure to the enchanting Nusa Penida, a hidden gem nestled just off the coast of Bali.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Step aboard a swift boat from Sanur and set sail for Nusa Penida, where captivating landscapes and secluded beaches await your discovery. Feel the salty kiss of the breeze on your face as you glide through the glistening waters of the Bali Sea.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Our journey starts at the picturesque Crystal Bay, a paradise tailored for beach enthusiasts. Dive into crystal-clear waters, explore vibrant coral reefs, and revel in the diverse marine life.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Whether you swim, snorkel, or simply bask in the sun's embrace, this beach is the perfect backdrop for relaxation. Let the gentle waves serenade you, creating moments that encapsulate your romantic escape.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Next, prepare to be mesmerized by the iconic Broken Beach—a natural marvel where a graceful arch forms a circular lagoon, kissed by crashing waves. Witness this dramatic spectacle that feels like a masterpiece crafted by nature itself.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Our adventure continues to the stunning Angel's Billabong, a natural infinity pool that seems to be sculpted by celestial hands. Immerse yourselves in the crystal-clear waters, embracing the surreal beauty of this secluded oasis. Allow Angel's Billabong to infuse serenity and peace as you surrender to the magnificence of nature's craftsmanship.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Hold onto your excitement as we approach Kelingking Beach, affectionately dubbed T-Rex Bay due to its dinosaur-like silhouette. This iconic landmark gifts you a panoramic vista of the azure ocean and the pristine white sands below.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Hand in hand, embark on the exhilarating trek down the cliffside to reach the sandy shores. Feel the thrill of adventure as you explore this hidden beach, where time stands still, and the untouched beauty of nature reigns supreme.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

And what better way to conclude this unforgettable day than by embracing the sunset from an incredible cliff? Witness the sun's fiery descent over the horizon, painting the sky with hues of gold and amber—an experience that lingers as a once-in-a-lifetime memory.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Following the day's adventure, transfer to your hotel in Nusa Penida. Let the tranquility of this true paradise envelop you as you enjoy an overnight stay, cherishing the quietude and natural beauty that surrounds you.

  • D-6. East Nusa Penida Island Tour

As the sun rises, indulge in a nourishing breakfast at your hotel, energizing yourself for another day of exploration and wonder.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Our adventure kicks off at Diamond Beach, where you'll witness the stunning juxtaposition of pristine white sand against the vivid blue of the Bali Sea. Feel the soft grains beneath your feet and let the rhythmic waves create a soothing melody that echoes tranquility.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Next, we journey to Atuh Beach, a secluded haven adorned with towering cliffs and golden sands. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking surroundings, embracing the untouched beauty that East Nusa Penida is known for.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Prepare to be captivated at Thousand Islands Viewpoint, where the azure expanse of the ocean is dotted with rugged islets, each a picture of serenity. Let this view remind you of the vastness and majesty of nature.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Venture to the iconic treehouse known as 'Rumah Pohon,' a vantage point that offers a bird's-eye view of the landscape. Capture this moment as you stand amid nature's beauty, suspended between the earth and the sky.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

As the day's exploits come to a close, we'll return to our hotel for a well-deserved rest, reflecting on the enchanting moments of Nusa Penida.

  • D-7. Water Sports, Uluwatu Temple, Kecak Dance and Jimbaran Beach

After a hearty breakfast, we'll transfer to Penida Harbour for your fast boat journey to Sanur. Today promises an exquisite blend of adventure, culture, and coastal beauty, ensuring you experience the vibrant diversity that Bali has to offer.

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, the morning presents an opportunity for thrilling Water Sport activities at Tanjung Benoa Beach (at your own cost). Choose from an array of exhilarating water-based adventures, such as parasailing, banana boat rides, jet skiing, and more. Whether you're a seasoned water sports enthusiast or a first-time adventurer, this experience promises to be an exciting highlight of your trip.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

In the afternoon, we'll embark on a journey to the iconic Uluwatu Temple , an ancient treasure perched atop soaring cliffs that command awe-inspiring ocean vistas. While exploring this spiritual sanctuary, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean below, a sight that exudes both grandeur and tranquility.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

As the sun begins to set, immerse yourself in the cultural brilliance of the Kecak Fire Dance performance at Uluwatu. The rhythmic chants and captivating movements of the dancers tell an ancient tale, a captivating and unforgettable representation of traditional Balinese art and storytelling.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

In the evening, delight in a Seafood Dinner at Jimbaran Beach, where you can savor an array of fresh seafood delicacies prepared in local Balinese style. Dine by the beach with your toes in the sand, enjoying the gentle ocean breeze and the soothing sound of the waves.

As the day concludes with an array of thrilling experiences and cultural encounters, we'll return to your hotel in Seminyak/Kuta for a well-deserved rest and relaxation, providing the perfect conclusion to a day filled with unforgettable moments. Check-in at the hotel and unwind, reflecting on the day's diverse and captivating experiences.

  • D-8. Leisure Day in Seminyak or Kuta

Today is your well-deserved leisure day, a moment to tailor your Bali experience to your own desires. You have the option to spend your day in either Seminyak or Kuta, two coastal gems each with its distinct allure.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Enjoy your day with a serene morning walk along Seminyak Beach, relishing the soft sands and the rhythmic sounds of the waves. As the day unfolds, venture into Seminyak's trendy streets for shopping, where you'll discover chic boutiques and artisan shops offering a plethora of stylish Balinese souvenirs. Savor a delectable lunch at a beachfront restaurant, indulge in a pampering spa treatment, and witness the breathtaking sunset at a beach club like Ku De Ta. Seminyak's blend of relaxation and sophistication is sure to leave you refreshed.

Alternatively, explore Kuta's lively markets for surf gear and handicrafts, and enjoy a hearty lunch at a local warung. Spend the afternoon at Waterbom Bali, a water park filled with thrilling slides and family-friendly attractions. Afterward, delve into Kuta's vibrant nightlife, with its array of bars, clubs, and live music venues. Your day in Kuta promises excitement and memorable experiences.

Both Seminyak and Kuta offer unique and memorable ways to spend your leisure day in Bali, catering to your preferences for relaxation or adventure. Enjoy every moment before returning to your hotel in the evening, reinvigorated by the day's adventures.

  • D-9. Bali UNESCO World Heritage Sites Tour

Rise and shine to a delectable breakfast, prepared on a journey that takes you through Bali's UNESCO World Heritage Sites, where history, culture, and natural beauty converge. These sacred places tell stories of the island's rich past and enduring traditions, offering a glimpse into the heart and soul of Bali.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Our first stop is the serene Taman Ayun Temple, a UNESCO-listed site renowned for its traditional Balinese architecture and picturesque gardens. Here, you'll find a sense of tranquility and grace as you explore this sacred place of worship.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Next, we'll visit the iconic Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, located on the picturesque Lake Bratan. Marvel at the temple's reflection on the water, creating a serene and ethereal ambiance. The temple's devotion to the goddess of the lake, Ida Batari Dewi Ulun Danu, adds to its spiritual significance.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Prepare to capture picture-perfect moments at the iconic Handara Gate, a beloved Balinese landmark that frames the lush greenery and mountainous backdrop beautifully. Embrace the opportunity to take photographs that will forever serve as a cherished memento of your Bali journey.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Continuing our quest for breathtaking views, we'll visit the hidden gem of Wanagiri Hidden Hill. Set against the stunning backdrop of Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan, this location offers captivating viewpoints that are sure to leave you in awe of Bali's natural splendor.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Prepare to be enchanted by the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, a UNESCO-recognized cultural landscape that showcases Bali's traditional agricultural practices. The lush green paddies, cascading down the hillsides like a living tapestry, provide a picturesque setting for a relaxing and immersive experience.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Savor a delightful lunch amidst the UNESCO-listed Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, a captivating panorama of rice paddies that celebrate Bali's agrarian heritage. Embrace the beauty of this cultural landscape, where terraced rice fields cascade down the hills, forming a stunning tapestry of green.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

As the sun begins to set, we reach the iconic Tanah Lot Temple, perched dramatically on a rocky islet by the sea. Witness the magical dance of colors as the sun bids farewell, casting its golden glow upon the temple and surrounding waters. Marvel at the temple's architectural splendor and the mystical allure of its seaside setting.

  • D-10. Departure from Bali with Cherished Memories

As your unforgettable journey comes to a close, we bid you farewell from the enchanting island of Bali. After check-out, our team will ensure a seamless transfer to the airport, allowing you to depart with ease and comfort.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Take a moment to reflect on the extraordinary experiences, vibrant landscapes, and cultural encounters that have woven together to create your unique story in this tropical paradise. Depart with cherished memories, knowing that Bali's allure will forever remain in your heart.

Itinerary & Timings

The itinerary timings are approximate and subject to change to accommodate various factors such as traffic conditions and local schedules. Rest assured, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction throughout your Bali journey.

  • First Day (1)

  • Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport
  • As you step foot in Bali, our friendly team will be there to greet you with warm smiles and a heartfelt welcome. Your journey begins on a positive note as we ensure a seamless and comfortable transfer to your selected hotel or villa in Ubud.

  • Second Day (2)

  • 08.00 AM — Your day of exploration begins with a comfortable pick-up from your hotel. Our friendly will be ready to East Bali Iconic Instagram Sites.
  • 09.00 AM — Arrive at Kanto Lampo Waterfall
  • Immerse yourself in the natural beauty as you stand before the cascading waters and capture its serene elegance through your lens.
  • 11.00 AM — Arrive at Tirta Gangga Water Palace
  • Explore its symphony of water features, lotus ponds, and intricately carved stone sculptures, capturing moments of tranquility and architectural splendor.
  • 12.00 PM — Arrive at Taman Ujung Water Palace
  • Venture to the Taman Ujung Water Palace, where time seems to stand still. Capture the beauty of the palace's intricate designs and tranquil waters, surrounded by lush landscapes.
  • 01.00 PM — Lunch time!
  • Savor a delightful lunch at a local restaurant, where you'll have the opportunity to enjoy authentic Balinese flavors and refresh for the next part of your adventure.
  • 02.30 PM — Arrive at Gate of Heaven at Lempuyang Temple
  • Capture an extraordinary photo with Bali's majestic Agung volcano and the ethereal temple gate creating an awe-inspiring frame.
  • 5.00 PM — As the day's journey draws to a close, our driver will take you back to your hotel. Reflect on the stunning sights you've witnessed and the memories you've captured during this immersive experience.

  • Third Day (3)

  • Wake up in the morning and have a hearty breakfast before starting your day.
  • 08.00 AM — Depart from your hotel/villa to start the day's adventure.
  • 09.00 AM — Arrive at Tegenungan Waterfall
  • Visit Tegenungan Waterfall and enjoy its mesmerizing beauty.
  • 10.30 AM — Arrive at Pura Tirta Empul Temple
  • Explore the spiritual Tirta Empul Temple and take part in a traditional purification ritual.
  • 12.00 PM — Arrive at Bali Coffee Plantation
  • Delight in the flavors of Bali's renowned coffee at a local coffee plantation.
  • 01.00 PM — Arrive at Kintamani Highlands
  • Witness the majestic Mount Batur and enjoy lunch with stunning caldera views.
  • 02.30 PM — Arrive at Tegalalang Rice Terraces
  • Visit the captivating Tegalalang Rice Terraces and experience a thrilling swing amidst the rice fields.
  • 03.30 PM — Bali Swing
  • Get ready for an exhilarating adventure of jungle swing experience. Soar above the lush treetops, capturing breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.
  • 04.30 PM — Return to the hotel for an evening at leisure

  • Fouth Day (4)

  • Wake up in the morning and have a hearty breakfast before starting your day.
  • 08.00 AM — Depart from your hotel/villa to start the day's adventure.
  • 09.00 AM — Arrive at Ayung River
  • Arrive at the river's edge, meet your experienced guides, and receive a safety briefing. Gear up in your rafting equipment and get ready to conquer the river's twists and turns.
  • 9.30 AM — Set off on your Ayung River rafting adventure. Feel the rush of the river as you navigate through Class II and III rapids, surrounded by Bali's lush landscapes and stunning river gorge.
  • 12.30 PM — Indulge in a well-deserved lunch. Delight in a buffet spread of Indonesian dishes that showcase the rich flavors of the region.
  • Witness the majestic Mount Batur and enjoy lunch with stunning caldera views.
  • 1.30 PM — Arrive at Ubud Monkey Forest
  • Step into nature's playground at the Ubud Monkey Forest. Witness macaques in their element, capturing candid moments amidst ancient temples and lush greenery.
  • 2.00 PM — Arrive at Saraswati Temple
  • Find serenity at the Saraswati Temple, surrounded by lotus ponds and intricate architecture. Discover the spiritual heart of Bali and capture its essence.
  • 2.30 PM — Arrive at Ubud
  • Explore the vibrant culture of Ubud at Ubud Market and Ubud Palace.
  • 04.30 PM — Return to the hotel for an evening at leisure

  • Day Five (5)

  • 06.30 AM — Depart from your hotel and head to the harbor for a scenic speedboat journey to Nusa Penida.
  • 07.30 AM — Arrive at Sanur Harbor
  • You’ll hop on a high speed boat to the paradise island of Nusa Penida.
  • 08.30 AM — Arrive at Nusa Penida Island
  • Admire the beauty of Nusa Penida harbor with stunning views and start your tour
  • 09.00 AM — Arrive at Crystal Bay
  • Discover the serene beauty of Crystal Bay, a tranquil cove renowned for its pristine beach and inviting waters. Relax on the soft sands or take a refreshing dip, embracing the soothing ambiance.
  • 01.00 PM — Lunch at Local Resto
  • Recharge with a delightful lunch at a local restaurant. Savor traditional Balinese cuisine while enjoying views of the island.
  • 02.00 PM — Arrive at Angel’s Billabong
  • A natural tidal pool with stunning views of the coastline. Enjoy the chance to swim and relax in this mesmerizing location.
  • 02.30 PM — Arrive at Broken Beach
  • Witness the breathtaking natural arch that frames the cerulean sea, creating a sight that seems straight out of a painting.
  • 03.30 PM — Arrive at Kelingking Beach
  • Venture to the iconic Kelingking Beach, where the dramatic cliff formation resembling a majestic dinosaur captures your imagination. Absorb panoramic vistas of the azure waters from the viewpoint.
  • 04.30 PM — Transfer to your Nusa Penida Hotel

  • Day Six (6)

  • Rise and shine to a new day in paradise! Begin your morning with a hearty breakfast, setting the perfect foundation for the adventures that await you.
  • 08.30 AM — Depart from your hotel and be ready for an exciting 2nd day of island exploration.
  • 09.30 AM — Arrive at Diamond Beach
  • Experience the glistening white sands meet the azure waters. Capture the stunning beauty of this unique beach.
  • 10.30 AM — Arrive at Atuh Beach
  • Venture to Atuh Beach, an idyllic haven surrounded by towering cliffs. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and tranquility of this secluded paradise.
  • 11.30 AM — Arrive at Thousand Island Viewpoint
  • Incridible viewpoints with limestone cliffs and you’ve ever seen in your life.
  • 12.30 PM — Arrive at Local restaurant
  • Enjoy delicious lunch with a magnificent ocean view
  • 01.30 AM — Arrive at Rumah Pohon (Tree House)
  • Visit the iconic treehouse, 'Rumah Pohon,' and relish the opportunity to capture a remarkable view of the landscape. Let this unique experience become a lasting memory.
  • 03.30 PM — Return back to the Nusa Penida harbor
  • Enjory the sunset during you fast boat back to Sanur port, Bali.
  • 04.30 PM — Arrive at Sanur
  • As the day's exploits come to a close, we'll return to our hotel for a well-deserved rest, reflecting on the enchanting moments of Nusa Penida.

  • Day Seven (7)

  • After a hearty breakfast, we'll transfer to Penida port for your fast boat journey to Sanur.
  • 08.30 AM — Depart from Sanur start the day's adventure.
  • 09.00 AM — Arrive at Tanjung Benoa Beach
  • You can enjoy various water sports and recreational activities. Choose from an array of exhilarating activities such as parasailing, banana boat rides, jet skiing, and more (at your own cost).
  • 01.00 PM — Lunch time!
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant, savoring the taste of Indonesian delicacies.
  • 02.30 PM — Arrive at Uluwatu Temple
  • Visit the iconic Uluwatu Temple, majestically located atop cliffs with stunning ocean views.
  • 06.00 PM — Sunset & Kecak dance
  • As the sun begins to set, immerse yourself in the cultural brilliance of the Kecak Fire Dance performance at Uluwatu.
  • 08.00 PM — Jimbaran Beach
  • Relish a delightful Seafood Dinner on Jimbaran Beach, as you dine by the ocean, immersed in a serene ambiance.
  • 09.00 PM — Check-in at the hotel in Kuta or Seminyak area

  • Day Eighth (8)

  • Today is your day to relax and explore as you wish. You can choose to spend your free time in either Seminyak or Kuta, both wonderful coastal areas.

  • Day Nine (9)

  • Wake up in the morning and have a hearty breakfast before starting your day.
  • 08.00 AM — Depart from your hotel/villa to start the day's adventure.
  • 08.00 AM — Arrive at Taman Ayun Temple
  • Marvel at the stunning Taman Ayun Temple and its serene surroundings.
  • 10.30 AM — Arrive at Ulun Danu Bratan Temple
  • Visit the picturesque Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, beautifully set on Lake Bratan.
  • 11.30 AM — Arrive at Handara Gate
  • Capture breathtaking views at the iconic Handara Gate, perfect for stunning photos.
  • 12.00 PM — Arrive at Wanagiri Hidden Hill
  • Where Instagram-worthy photo spots offer breathtaking views of the lush countryside, making for perfect snapshots of your journey.
  • 01.30 PM — Arrive at Jatuluwih Rice Terraces
  • Savor a delicious lunch amidst the captivating Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, a UNESCO Cultural Landscape, with panoramic views.
  • 04.00 PM — Arrive at Tanah Lot Temple
  • Witness the iconic Tanah Lot Temple perched on a rock formation surrounded by the ocean, with a mesmerizing sunset view.
  • 06.30 PM — Return to your accommodation and enjoy a relaxing evening to reflect on the day's memorable experiences.

  • Day Ten (10)

  • Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport
  • Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at your hotel/villa, cherishing your last moments in Bali. Check-out from your accommodation, carrying the enchanting memories of your Bali adventure.

Discover Bali: Where Adventure and Serenity Await!

In conclusion, we extend an open invitation to you, inviting you to embark on this extraordinary journey through Bali with us in 2023-2024. This is your golden opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty, rich cultural heritage, and thrilling adventures that this incredible island has in store.

Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Whether you're a nature lover, a cultural explorer, or simply seeking a serene escape, our Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights promises an experience like no other.

Now is the time to seize this chance, to craft timeless memories, and to unlock the enchantment that Bali holds. Secure your spot today, and prepare to be enthralled by the undeniable magic of this tropical paradise.

Embrace the adventure of a lifetime in Bali. Your dream getaway is right here, waiting for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Bali Tour Package for 10 Days and 9 Nights?

The Bali Tour Package for 10 Days 9 Nights is a meticulously crafted journey that encompasses a range of experiences to ensure a fulfilling and unforgettable adventure. Included in this package are accommodations for all 9 nights, covering a diverse selection of comfortable hotels and well-appointed resorts, strategically chosen for their quality and proximity to key attractions. You will also have access to guided tours throughout the duration of the tour, allowing you to delve deep into Bali's cultural riches and natural wonders. The cost of entrance fees to various attractions specified in the itinerary is covered, saving you the hassle of handling these on your own. A selection of meals is also part of the package, offering you the chance to savor both traditional Balinese cuisine and international dishes. Additionally, round-trip airport transfers are included, ensuring a seamless transition from your arrival to your departure.

How do I book the Bali Tour Package?

Booking the Bali Tour Package for 10 Days and 9 Nights is a straightforward process. You have the option to reserve your spot directly through our website by selecting the tour and following the booking instructions. Alternatively, you can reach out to our dedicated customer service team, who will be more than happy to assist you with any questions and guide you through the booking process. We understand that each traveler's needs are unique, and our team is committed to ensuring that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision and secure your spot on this remarkable journey.

What are the highlights of this tour?

The Bali Tour Package is meticulously designed to encompass the most captivating and iconic aspects of the island's offerings. Throughout the 10 days 9 nights, you'll experience a series of highlights that showcase the rich diversity of Bali. From exploring the cultural treasures of Ubud, including visits to ancient temples, vibrant markets, and traditional performances, to venturing to Nusa Penida to witness its stunning landscapes, your journey will be filled with moments of awe and wonder. Engaging in water sports, capturing the magic of sunsets over terraced rice fields, indulging in Balinese culinary delights, and relaxing in luxurious retreats are all part of the unforgettable experience. This tour is designed to present you with a comprehensive view of Bali's culture, nature, and adventure, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Can I customize the itinerary?

While the Bali Tour Package offers a meticulously planned itinerary to provide you with a comprehensive and balanced experience, we understand that individual preferences may vary. While the core itinerary is fixed, we are more than happy to discuss potential options for customization based on your specific interests and needs. If there are particular sites or activities you'd like to include or adjust, please feel free to communicate with our team during the booking process. We aim to make your journey as personalized and rewarding as possible, within the constraints of the overall package structure.

Is airfare included in the package?

No, airfare is not included in the 10 Days 9 Nights Bali Tour Package. The package covers the activities, accommodations, meals, guided tours, and specified inclusions mentioned in the detailed itinerary. Airfare is typically the responsibility of the traveler and needs to be arranged separately. However, our customer service team can offer advice on recommended flights and help coordinate your arrival and departure times with the tour schedule.

Are there any additional fees during the tour?

The Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights is designed to minimize the need for additional expenses during the tour. Most expenses, including accommodations, guided tours, entrance fees, and specified meals, are covered by the package. However, it's worth noting that personal expenses such as shopping, optional activities not included in the itinerary, and gratuities are not part of the package and should be budgeted separately. We recommend having some extra funds available for any incidentals or personal preferences that may arise during the tour.

What types of accommodations are provided?

This Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights includes accommodations for all 8 nights of the tour, and we take great care in selecting a range of options to suit different preferences and budgets. The accommodations vary from comfortable and conveniently located hotels to boutique resorts that offer a touch of luxury. Each accommodation is chosen based on its quality, amenities, and proximity to key attractions or activities outlined in the itinerary. We aim to provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable stay that complements the overall experience of your Bali journey.

Are there options for vegetarian or special dietary requirements?

Absolutely. We understand that dietary preferences and restrictions can vary widely among travelers. As part of our commitment to providing a personalized experience, the Bali Tour Package takes into consideration special dietary requirements. Whether you're vegetarian, vegan, have allergies, or require specific meals, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. It's important to communicate any dietary restrictions to our customer service team during the booking process so that we can make the necessary arrangements with our partners and ensure you have a delightful culinary experience throughout the tour.

Do I need travel insurance for this tour?

While travel insurance is not mandatory for participation in the Bali Tour Package, we highly recommend obtaining comprehensive travel insurance to safeguard your investment and provide you with peace of mind throughout your journey. Travel insurance can provide coverage for unexpected events such as trip cancellations, delays, medical emergencies, lost baggage, and other unforeseen circumstances that may disrupt your travel plans. By having travel insurance, you can embark on your Bali adventure with confidence, knowing that you are protected in case of any unexpected situations.

Are airport transfers included?

Yes, airport transfers are included as part of the Bali Tour Package. The package covers round-trip airport transfers, ensuring that your arrival and departure experiences are seamless and stress-free. Upon your arrival at the airport, you will be greeted by our representative and transported to your designated accommodation. Similarly, at the end of the tour, you will be transferred from your accommodation to the airport in time for your departure. These transfers are designed to provide you with a convenient and comfortable start and end to your Bali adventure.

What should I pack for the tour?

Packing for the Bali Tour Package should consider a combination of comfort, practicality, and the specific activities outlined in the itinerary. Since Bali's weather is generally warm and tropical, lightweight and breathable clothing is recommended. Comfortable walking shoes, swimwear, sun protection (such as sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses), and insect repellent are essential. Additionally, it's advisable to have a reusable water bottle, a small daypack for excursions, and any personal medications or essentials you may need. While the package includes a range of activities, you might also want to pack attire suitable for cultural sites and any optional experiences you wish to partake in.

Is this tour suitable for families with children?

Absolutely, the Bali Tour Package is designed to be inclusive and caters to a diverse range of travelers, including families with children. The tour's carefully curated itinerary strikes a balance between cultural exploration, adventure, and relaxation, making it suitable for travelers of all ages. Families will have the opportunity to engage in activities that are enjoyable for both adults and children, such as visiting vibrant markets, exploring ancient temples, engaging in water sports, and soaking in the natural beauty of Bali. Our guides are experienced in creating an environment that is welcoming and engaging for families, ensuring that every member of the family has a memorable and enriching experience.

Can I join the tour if I have mobility issues?

We understand that travelers may have varying levels of mobility, and we are committed to providing an inclusive experience for all. If you have mobility issues, please communicate your specific needs to our customer service team during the booking process. Our team will work closely with you to assess the itinerary and make any necessary arrangements to accommodate your mobility requirements. While some sites or activities may pose challenges, we will strive to ensure that you can participate in the tour to the fullest extent possible, while also prioritizing your safety and comfort.

What languages are the guided tours conducted in?

The guided tours within the Bali Tour Package are primarily conducted in English. English-speaking guides will accompany you during the tours to provide insightful commentary, answer questions, and ensure you have a meaningful and informative experience. However, if you prefer tours conducted in a language other than English, we can certainly explore the possibility of arranging guides who are fluent in other languages. It's advisable to inform us of your language preferences during the booking process so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

How much free time is there during the tour?

The Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights is thoughtfully structured to strike a balance between guided activities and free time for independent exploration or relaxation. While the itinerary is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and enriching experience, we recognize the importance of allowing you to immerse yourself in the destination at your own pace. There will be designated moments within the itinerary where you can explore on your own, engage in optional activities, or simply unwind and enjoy the facilities of your accommodations. The amount of free time varies depending on the day's activities and the preferences of the group.

Can I extend my stay after the tour ends?

Certainly, we understand that some travelers may wish to extend their stay in Bali to further explore the destination or simply to relax and unwind. If you're interested in extending your stay beyond the duration of the tour, our customer service team can assist you in making the necessary arrangements. Whether you'd like to explore more of Bali's attractions, spend additional time on the beaches, or venture to other areas of the island, we can help you create a tailored extension to suit your preferences. Please let us know your desired extension dates and any specific activities you'd like to include, and we'll work to ensure a seamless transition from the end of the tour to your extended stay.

Is there a minimum group size for this tour?

The Bali Tour Package typically has a minimum number of participants required to operate. The specific group size requirement may vary depending on factors such as the time of year and the availability of accommodations and transportation. To provide you with the best possible experience, our customer service team will inform you of the current group size requirement when you inquire about the tour or make a booking. If the group size requirement is not met, we will work with you to explore alternative options, which may include adjusting your travel dates or finding suitable alternatives.

How physically demanding is the tour?

The Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights is designed to be accessible to travelers with a moderate level of fitness and mobility. While some activities may involve walking, exploring cultural sites, and engaging in water sports, the itinerary is thoughtfully planned to cater to a wide range of fitness levels. It's important to review the detailed itinerary to understand the nature of each activity and assess whether it aligns with your personal comfort and capabilities. If you have specific concerns about certain activities, such as those involving longer walks or physical exertion, please reach out to our customer service team for further clarification and guidance.

Are there opportunities for shopping during the tour?

Yes, the Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights includes opportunities for shopping at various points throughout the itinerary. Bali is known for its vibrant markets and shopping districts, where you can find a wide range of goods, from traditional handicrafts and textiles to clothing, jewelry, and souvenirs. The itinerary includes visits to bustling markets where you can explore local crafts and products, offering you the chance to bring back unique mementos of your Bali journey. While shopping activities are included in the itinerary, you are also free to explore markets and shops during your free time to discover additional treasures that capture your interest.

What makes this Bali Tour Package unique?

The Bali Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights stands out as a unique and comprehensive experience that showcases the very best of Bali's culture, nature, and adventure. What sets this package apart is its meticulous curation, which combines iconic attractions with hidden gems, ensuring that you receive a well-rounded and authentic introduction to the island. The inclusion of guided tours by knowledgeable local experts enhances your understanding of Bali's history, traditions, and way of life. The package strikes a harmonious balance between guided activities and free time, allowing you to immerse yourself in the destination while also enjoying moments of relaxation. From exploring the vibrant markets of Ubud to witnessing the dramatic landscapes of Nusa Penida, indulging in Balinese cuisine, and capturing the magic of sunsets, every aspect of the tour has been thoughtfully designed to provide you with a rich and memorable experience. This Bali journey is an invitation to discover the soul of the island, to create lasting memories, and to forge a connection with the beauty and essence of Bali that will resonate with you long after your journey concludes.