Tibumana Waterfall in Bali

Tibumana Waterfall referred to by locals as Air Terjun Tibumana is one of the most beautiful hidden waterfalls in Bali, which located in Bangli region.

Bangli is host to mountain lakes and streams that make Bali so fertile. Numerous villages are scatted across a landscape of rice terraces, lush valleys and forests.

tibumana waterfall

Tibumana Waterfall is a true hidden gem, and definitely highly recommended for those want to enjoy beautiful scenery, cool breeze atmosphere, peace and tranquility.

Tibumana derived from the word ‘tibu’, which means a deep riverbed or plunge pool. This can be spotted from the extensively deep plunge pool of the waterfall.

The cliffs surrounding the waterfall are overgrown with greenery and moss, which enhances the splendor of Tibumana Waterfall.

Through this article, the we intends to invite visitors and readers in order to feel and enjoy the fascinating nature of Tibumana waterfall.

What to Expect at Tibumana Waterfall

Tibumana Waterfall has existed since thousands of years ago. However, its existence is quite isolated, making itself sound mediocre.

For a handful of people who have witnessed firsthand the beauty and elegance, surely say; Incredible and amazing.

tibumana waterfall

On your way to this Tibumana Waterfall, you’ll feel like you’re heading waaaay off the beaten path.

It’s an awesome drive and one that will make you feel like you’ve found the Bali of 20 years ago.

Passing charming villages, the roads narrow and the picturesque landscape changes to green and more green. Rice fields, coconut palms, banana trees and temples.

tibumana waterfall
Image source: wildandaway.com

Once parked up, the trail up to the Tibumana Waterfall itself is a simple one. The short ten minute walk over bamboo bridges is mainly flat, safe and well maintained so if you’re visiting with little ones, you can plod along with ease.

There are a couple of locals that observe from a hut beside the falls, watching over for the safety of visitors. So rest assured, Tibumana Waterfall is definitely a safe place to swim.

tibumana waterfall
Image source: dailytravelpill.com

Do pack your swimsuit and extra clothes and take a refreshing swim in the waterfall and reinvigorate your senses.

The water is no more than 6 feet deep, so diving is not an option. You can stand right underneath the waterfall and let the hydro pressure do wonders for your body pains and stress relief.

The tranquillity is what draws people here, to idle for long hours of relaxation in solitude. It is one of those places where you want to come just to laze around to sit and marvel at nature’s beauty in isolation.

tibumana waterfall
Image source: dailytravelpill.com

And be sure not to forget to bring your camera to capture all these beautiful moments.

The fact that the place is not crowded means you can strike numerous wonderful poses undisturbed.

So whether you’re looking to cool off for the day, or fancy an adventure, you should definitely add Tibumana Waterfall to your travel list.

Tibumana Waterfall Location & Map

Tibumana Waterfall is located in the village of Apuan, Susut distric, Bangli regency, Bali, Indonesia.

Its 45km from Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport, or just an hour drive from Ubud and two hours from Kuta.

See the Google Maps below for the pin location of Tibumana Waterfall in Bali

Tibumana Waterfall Entrance Fee

Visit to Tibumana Waterfall there’s an entry fee of 10,000 IDR per person, and there is an additional cost of 5,000 IDR for parking. Lockers are available for 5,000 IDR.

And the payment should be cash in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), so please prepare small cash before you come here.

A change room is available if you’d like a swim, and a bamboo hut offers a shady rest spot.

How to Get to Tibumana Waterfall

To get to Tibumana Waterfall, it is recommended to bring someone who knows the area pretty well.

Some of tour operator in Bali charges around 35 USD for this single trip, including a car and an advanced driver. CLIK HERE to get Cheap Car Rental in Bali.

If you looking for all inclusive trip find out here Tibumana Waterfall Tour. And itinerary will pack your trip to Tibumana Waterfall it self, Tukad Cepung Waterfall, Kintamani Volcano, Tegalalang Rice Terrace and Swing. Its mean you can take it all in one fell swoop.

tibumana waterfall
Image source: dailytravelpill.com

Optionally, you can always hire a scooter and navigate your own way with a map, as this can be far more exciting.

If you are staying in central Bali, then getting to this beautiful waterfall is so easy, and road from Ubud to Tibumana Waterfall takes only about 45 minutes.

Getting to Tibumana Waterfall from Kuta or Denpasar takes a bit longer which 1 hour and 30 minutes, but it is definitely worth it.

As we mentioned earlier, on your way to this Tibumana Waterfall, you’ll feel like you’re heading waaaay off the beaten path.

tibumana waterfall

When you’ll get closer to Tibumana Waterfall, you’ll notice endless rice fields and palm trees.

Passing charming villages, the roads narrow and the picturesque landscape changes to green and more green. Rice fields, coconut palms, banana trees and temples.

When you’ll get closer to Tibumana Waterfall, you’ll notice endless rice fields and palm trees.

Upon arrival at the car park, you will find a tiny shack. You then need to follow a winding path with stairs for around 15 minutes until you arrive at the waterfall.

The pathway is refreshingly beautiful. There are vines creeping down the cliffs and small, colourful butterflies flying around.

The lush, green jungle is filled with the sweet chirping of birds. The air is crisp and clear surrounded by a sense of purity in all directions.

As you approach the waterfall, the rumbling sound it creates becomes more evident and you feel the place getting cooler and breezier.

tibumana waterfall
Image source: gusmank.com

The waterfall is a single column in the dry season, while in the monsoon season you will find twin columns of water cascading down from the hill.

The waterfall creates an unrealistic prismatic formation of sun rays, giving the place a fairy tale like ambiance.

The entire place is encased in a green fortress of green ferns, mosses, vines, which makes you feel that you have entered a secret world away from the world you live in.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall is another amazing waterfall which took roughly 30 minutes from Tibumana Waterfall.

Best Time to Visit Tibumana Waterfall

Although open for most of the day we recommend visiting Tibumana waterall sometime early in the morning to help avoid any possible influx of tourists.

While this is one of the least touristy waterfalls in Bali, it’s probably best to get here before 11am since that is what time most local tours begin arriving.

Tibumana Waterfall Opening Hours

Tibumana Waterfall is regularly open for public from 6am to 6pm. Except Nyepi day, which is a Balinese "Day of Silence".

The path to the waterfall goes through the jungle and it’s a good opportunity to admire the exotic vegetation.

Tibumana Waterfall Height

The height of Tibumana Waterfall is around 4 or 5 meters. What makes it unique is the persisi behind the waterfall fountain there is a kind of cave.

The entire area is very photogenic. Everything lends an artistic beauty to the waterfall.

You will see and feel the beauty of Tibumana Waterfall, encircled by the glorious natural panoramas of verdant trees, crystal clear river streams, rugged cliffs, and freshly brisk river pebbles.

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